What is the purpose of a School Committee Meeting?

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School Committee meetings are opportunities for the Committee to accomplish business. Open Meeting Law requires that all business of the School Committee be handled in public, so that community members are aware and have the opportunity to comment.  Details on Open Meeting Law.  No business of the School Committee happens outside of the posted School Committee meetings. Sub committees may meet on specific topics, but do not include a quorum of members and cannot include votes on any official business. Often, full School Committee meetings include reports from the Superintendent on budget, curriculum, achievement, and various operations within the district. Sub Committees also report about their work at the full School Committee meetings.

Meetings are open to the public and there is an opportunity for public comment at the beginning of each meeting. Members of the public are welcome to address the Committee, however, the Committee cannot respond and instead can take the comment under advisement for a future agenda item.

Meeting agendas are posted 48 hours in advance of each meeting, with information about the topics that will come before the School Committee. These are posted on the district website. Once approved, minutes of meetings are posted on the district website. On occasion, a "Public Hearing" may be held to receive feedback from the public on a specific topic. All agendas and minutes.