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June 1, 2020 to June 5, 2020

COLLECTION OF TEXTBOOKS AND PICK UP OF STUDENT BELONGINGS: Tuesday, June 2, families are invited to Lawrence School to drop off text and library books and pick up personal belongs from lockers. Please follow the schedule below for team specific times to drop off/pick up. Families will enter Lawrence School from the Hamlin Ave. entrance (like student drop-off/pickup).  Volunteers will assist with collecting books and handing out belongings so please  stay in your car.   

  • 7th Grade: Team 1 - 11:00-11:30 Team 2 - 11:30-12:00 Team 3 - 12:00-12:30

  • 8th Grade: Team 4 - 12:30-1:00 Team 5 - 1:00-1:30 Team 6 - 1:30-2:00

PHYSICAL EDUCATION ACTIVITIES: Next week's PE/Health teachers are promoting more movement and wellness activities through some walking challenges for students and staff.  The challenges are logged/tracked creating a “healthy” team-wide competition.  Info on these challenges will be posted in the students' physical education/health google classrooms.  Lawrence Fishing Derby- Students have the opportunity to participate in an optional fishing derby, info for this event is also in the students' physical education/health google classrooms.  Thank you to one of our 7th grade students for submitting the idea. 

LAWRENCE SCHOOL COUNCIL: At present a need exists to fill two parent vacancies on our School Council. One two-year seat will be assigned to an incoming 7th grade parent and a one-year seat will be open to any parent who will have a child enrolled at our school for the 2020-2021 school year. If you are interested in having your name included, please complete the Candidate Declaration Form which is attached, and contact Laurel Robbins by email or regular mail (address in attachment). All forms are to be returned by Friday, June 12th.

END OF YEAR GRADING: As we published the last couple weeks, students will be assessed as Pass/No Pass semester 2, trimester 3, and quarter 4 courses. Students will also receive an alpha-numberic end of year grade for year long classes, which will be the average of grades earned in quarters 1, 2, and 3. As an added incentive for completing Quarter 4 school work, students who earn a quarter 4 passing grade of “P” is the result of a numeric average of 90 or higher, three points will be added to the final grades. If the quarter 4 passing grade of “P” is the result of a numeric average of 80 - 89, two points will be added to the final grade. If the quarter 4 passing grade of “P” is the result of a numeric average of 70 - 79, one point will be added to the final grade.

END OF YEAR SCHOOL-WORK SCHEDULE: The final date for staff to assign new work is June 19.  Previously scheduled final exams window will be used for final conferencing and work submission.  All late work must be submitted by June 24.  Assignments for quarter four have been tailored to the Content Requisite Standards to ensure readiness for learning beyond the current grade.  Students are expected to complete assignments in order to earn a passing grade (P).  Zeroes will not be automatically exempted from quarter 4 grades. Please tell students to not be discouraged - there is a lot of time for them to complete assignments and communicate with their teachers.  

GUIDANCE OFFICE INFO: The counselors at Lawrence wanted to provide families with some supportive resources to access during these uncertain times, as it is hard on all and we can all use support!  Please refer to last week’s message attachments with important numbers to resources as well as virtual parent support groups to topics that may be of interest to you. As always please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything! Selby Bourne- 7th grade counselor & Nina Casavant- 8th grade counselor We hope our Lawrence families are staying well and miss our students!

MCLEAN HOSPITAL CONSULTATION SERVICES: These video presentations may help families navigate challenging COVID-19 circumstances.  They emphasize evidence-based individual and family skills to help feel more calm, in control, and effective in managing strong emotions and resolving conflicts in the home.  


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