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Newsletter February 2020

PDF file of Feb 2020 Newsletter

Dear Lawrence School Families,

              Thank you for taking the time to read our quarterly newsletter!  I had mentioned that improved communication with our families is an ongoing goal at the Lawrence School.  With two full quarters to go in the school year, I would like to remind everyone of our Week Ahead emails that go out on Friday afternoons.  If you’re not receiving, please call the school and one of our friendly and helpful secretaries will be happy to get you connected. 

I’d also like to highlight some of the methods we use on a daily basis to support the progress of your child while they are in our care.  One of the most impactful aspects of our Innovation School structure is the schedule.  Within this schedule, most departments meet every other day to work on key components of their particular subjects.  Together, they review common assessments, make sure they are pacing appropriately and share best instructional practices.  On the other days, the Teams convene.  This group will focus on fostering a team culture that is the most conducive for all students to succeed.  They may work to implement some strategies into their teaching that will support a student that is struggling academically or emotionally.  Team meeting time is also a time to conference with a parent or guardian if a more in-depth conversation needs to occur.  The Guidance Counselors and School Psychologist regularly attend these meetings to assist in this practice.  These are just two of the many scenarios where our faculty communicates about student progress and reflects on how we can continually improve our work. 

 Thank you to the many families who have made a connection with your child’s teachers, counselors or administrators here at Lawrence.  Your partnership in support of the students is extremely valuable.  Our students, at this critical age, face challenges everyday - socially, emotionally, academically.  But when we work together, this great group of kids thrives!  Thank you for reading. 


Tom Bushy, Principal


A Message from Assistant Principal Vieira,

Last week Lawrence School participated in the annual district and community-wide “No Guff” week.  This week is an opportunity for our student body to participate in various themed activities to learn about proactive ways to handle conflicts and how to contribute to a positive school climate.  We are focusing our daily activities around the school’s motto of Pride, Respect, Responsibility & Compassion. Friday afternoon was a school-wide assembly to recognize students who were nominated by their peers because of their leadership and daily practice of the “No Guff”attitude, congratulations to the winners!

An exciting activity that is being completed during advisory is the “One Word Project”. Students choose one word to live by and can help bring focus and clarity to what we want to create in our lives. The One Word Project isn’t about

making a resolution or crossing a specific goal off your list. It’s about creating a simple one-word mantra to help guide your daily actions. This is just one example of an advisory activity that brings our school together as a community to share positive experiences with one another. What would your word be?

When you talk to your child at home, please ask them about a positive experience they had at school.  A compliment they received from a classmate or a teacher.  And if they don’t have anything to share, encourage them to brighten someone’s day with a kind gesture or compliment and perhaps the favor will be returned.  The Lawrence School is a great place for our kids to learn and grow and their school experience can be even better if we help them along.  Thanks for partnering with us to support your children through 7th and 8th grade!


Rebecca Vieira, Assistant Principal