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Newsletter November 2018

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Greetings From The Principal

Dear Lawrence School Families,

Thank you for taking the time to read our Quarterly Community Newsletter.  This is a great way to stay updated on Lawrence news items over the course of the year.  Team and Department reports will give you a better idea of how the year is going for students and staff. The first quarter of the year has been incredible here at the Lawrence School.  The elements of our school motto: Pride, Respect, Responsibility & Compassion, are alive and well in our corridors and classrooms. 

We are excited to continue with the 2nd year of our Advisory Program for all students.  I like to think of Advisories as a homeroom with a heart.  In addition to the Pledge of Allegiance and attendance, the students have extra time with their Advisory teacher to build a positive connection with their peers and an adult that does not have grading or disciplinary responsibilities.  Community spirit building

activities and monthly themes are introduced with these small groups of students.  Through observations of these groups, it’s clear to see that they each are taking on unique personalities, but all are providing a great way for students and staff to start their day.  I encourage you to ask your child about their Advisory friends and some of the activities they are doing, or concepts they are learning about and discussing on a daily basis. 

At the Lawrence School, the safety of our students and staff is a top priority.  In coordination with the Superintendent and our building Safety Team, we routinely review our practices for response to emergency situations.  We have also improved the security of our building with upgrades to our camera and intercom system.  Through the introduction of some components of ALICE, over the course of the year, we will work with the community to ensure that students and staff are feeling safe at school.  An important aspect of this work is to gauge student stress levels, so please let someone at school know if your child is feeling uncomfortable with any of our current routines and practices. 

Parent and community communication is an area where we continually try to improve as a school.  I encourage all parents/guardians reading this to make sure that their contact

information in PowerSchool is up to date.  When we make ConnectEd calls, we always send an email, which we understand is a preferred way to receive our weekly communications.  If you have not been receiving these, there likely is a problem with how your address is keyed into PowerSchool, or perhaps we don’t have it?  Please call the school to verify if you think we may have missed you.  Please keep in touch, and help us keep you posted about the great things that your kids are doing here at Lawrence.  Thank you for reading! 

Tom Bushy, Principal

A Message From The Assistant Principal

Greetings!  As you may know, a significant portion of my job is dedicated to dealing with student discipline issues.  Though I’m happy to report that overall students have been well behaved so far this year, I am realistic about the fact that this is a tricky age and peer to peer issues will come up as the school year rolls along.  We continue to use a common language of behavior expectations of our PAWS-itive behavior model. You can find the behavior models and discipline codes in the student handbook. The resources have been useful when addressing behaviors and identifying appropriate consequences.

Many of the peer issues we deal with involve inappropriate communications on cell phones and social media.  We realize that the devices and platforms the students use are a part of today’s society and encourage appropriate use of these, but there are steps that we can take to make sure our kids are safe and not participating in or being exposed to bullying or harassment.  Please talk to your children about social media’s pros and cons and encourage them to report when they see something inappropriate.  Specifically, talk to your child about sending or receiving threats and  inappropriate images.  Both scenarios would result in interactions with our School Resource Officer, Ryan Hergt.

Mr. Bushy and I are visiting classrooms to talk about behavior concerns in a proactive way.  Our goal is to pre-address issues in an effort to support students and staff.  Please ask your child about the quarterly visit and the items that we are discussing. 

Rebecca Vieira, Assistant Principal