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Newsletter December 2022

Newsletter December 2022 pdf file


Dear Lawrence School Families,

The 2022-2023 school year at Lawrence is off to a great start!  Thank you for taking the time to read our Quarterly Community News-letter.  This is a great way to stay updated on Lawrence news items over the course of the year.  Team and Department reports will give you detailed insights on how the year is going for students and staff.   The student groups are engaging in well-planned instructional activities, field trips and team-building events!  

Annually, we promote the components of our school motto: Pride, Respect, Responsibility & Compassion.  These themes are highlighted in team-based activities, school-based events and woven into our daily interactions throughout the school building.  Moving through our halls and cafeteria and visiting classrooms, one can see that students and staff are making efforts to live the school’s motto everyday!  

Parent and community communication is an area where we continually try to improve as a school.  I encourage all families reading this to spread the word about our weekly Friday Messages.  Friends and families that you know in town may not be receiving or reviewing these correspondences, which contain important Lawrence School information and news items as the year progresses. 

Please encourage everyone you know in the extended school community to read through these messages and to reach out to the school if they are not receiving the information.  Please keep in touch and help us keep you posted about the great things that your kids are doing here at Lawrence.  Thank you for reading!  


Tom Bushy, Principal


A Message from Assistant Principal Zarra,

Hello Bulldog families!  As you may know a significant portion of my job is dedicated to dealing with student discipline.  But even though this is a tricky age with peer issues coming up as the school year progresses, the students have been really well behaved and it has been wonderful to get to know them.   We continue to use a common language of behavior expectations of our PAWS-itive behavior model. Here is an example of our classroom expectations and how they are tied to our school motto.  One of the resources we use to help guide our responses and interventions is our level chart.  We also continue to utilize restorative practices as interventions with students, often pairing a disciplinary consequence with a restorative component like an apology, collaborative conference, restorative circle, or an educational component.  

The district continues to work on using restorative practices as an intervention to inappropriate student behavior.  The concept of repairing harm caused to the school community is less punitive and will, over time, improve the climate of the school building.  That said, traditional disciplinary consequences are still necessary when restorative practices and alternative strategies have not been effective in repairing the harm to the classroom and school community.  Our goal is to address issues in an effort to support students and staff.  We will continue to promote these messages with Advisory announcements and making visits over the course of the school year.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions, or feedback.    


Derrick Zarra, Assistant Principal