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Newsletter May 2021

Newsletter May 2021

Dear Lawrence School Families,

Hopefully this newsletter finds everyone enjoying the beginning of Spring.  Though this year has undoubtedly been one of the most unique experiences ever, the school days continue to go by quickly.  In the last newsletter, I encouraged readers to build connections with teachers and the school and to take advantage of the many ways in which we share information about life at Lawrence, this communication being one of them.  Hopefully folks are feeling like we are doing our part and if not, please reach out to us with suggestions.

With three quarters of the year behind us, I would like to say that it continues to be a pleasure to work with your children.  After the April break, we welcomed more students back to the building for in-person learning every day.  But we also are happy to continue our work with students that have selected the remote option of the remainder of the year.  Keeping kids connected has been an ongoing goal since the beginning of the pandemic and we are not losing sight of this goal in the closing months of the year.  It has been inspiring to watch these students learn and grow during this difficult year.  We thank you for your continued role in this process, and for building the bridge between home and school.   


Tom Bushy, Principal


A Message from Assistant Principal Vieira,

Our annual MCAS testing is coming up.  This year the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has shortened the test length so students will only take 1 section in each subject area. Our testing will begin with the ELA/Literacy test on Thursday, May 27 followed by Math on Thursday, June 3. Finally, we wrap up testing on Thursday, June 10 for 8th grade students only with the Science, Technology, Engineering test.

At this age, the kids are pretty well versed in the importance of the tests and the small things they can do to help prepare on testing days.  But as a reminder, please encourage a decent bedtime, healthy breakfast and a growth mindset on the way to school for the kids during testing season and timely attendance is crucial for a smooth testing session.

Also, students will be using their school chromebooks as their testing device, not personal devices. If your child has opted to bring in their own personal device, they will be issued a school based chromebook for all test sessions.

Please work with your child to ensure their chromebook is in good working order and they have their charger. If you discover any issues with the school chromebook or charger, please contact to help troubleshoot any issues before the start of testing. 

Following the testing days, the end of the year will come up quickly but it will be a time that we continue our work with students to maintain a focus on school work and appropriate behavior so we can finish the year on a strong note. We thank you for your continued support and partnership during the 4th quarter.


Rebecca Vieira - Vice Principal