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9/11/20 Student & Family Letter

Dear FHS Clippers and Families -- As we are winding down our summer break and getting ready to return to school, I wanted to send a few updates and reminders, so here goes.

The First Week Of School

This is a reminder that the first week of school for all FHS students is the week of 9/21. During that entire week, Monday through Friday, all students will be remote and will follow our Remote Wednesday Schedule. Please refer to the FHS Full Day Schedule for the Remote Wednesday Schedule. The FHS Full and Half Day Schedules, as well as the FHS Reopening Calendar that depicts the schedule for the first 3 weeks of school can be found here: FHS 2020-2021 Bell

 Schedules & Reopening Calendar 9.11.20.pdf.

All students have 7 classes, and all 7 classes meet on Remote Wednesdays for 35 minutes each class period. Students are expected to follow their class schedules, which includes all for the entire day which begins at 7:22 am and ends at 12:09 pm. Students will be assigned independent work to complete on the afternoons of Remote Wednesday from 12:47 pm to 2:03 pm.

Next week, I will be sharing more specific information regarding how students should log on for their first day of school on Monday 9/21.


Attendance is extremely important for both remote and in-person students, and teachers will be taking attendance at the start of each class period. Thus, it is critical for remote students to check-in for attendance purposes in accordance with their teacher’s attendance instructions.

FHS COVID-19 Guidebook & One-Way School Map

The FHS COVID-19 Guidebook that I sent to all of you on 9/4 has been updated with a School Map that shows our one-way hallways and stairways: FHS COVID-19 Guidebook (Updated

 9.11.20).pdf. I have also attached a copy of the updated Guidebook and the School Map to this email. It is critical that students and families carefully read through the entire Guidebook as it contains extremely important information that everyone needs to know and be familiar with in order to ensure that we have a safe school year.


As you know, FHS teachers and students will be using Schoology this year for their digital classrooms. I strongly encourage all of you to watch this important video tutorial regarding how to log in to Schoology: How to Log In To Schoology. Schoology is accessed by students via their school email accounts - if students go to this link from our website and scroll down and click on the Schoology icon, they should be able to access Schoology: FHS / Students.

Books/Materials For Remote Students

We are working on a plan for getting books and other school materials to our remote students, and once the plan is final we will share it with you.

Freshmen/New Student Orientation

We will be hosting a virtual Freshmen/New Student Orientation next week on the evening of Thursday 9/17 starting at 6:00 pm for freshmen/new students and their parents/guardians.

During this event we will discuss the first weeks at FHS, how to read student schedules, and how to access school platforms such as PowerSchool and Schoology. We will break the evening into two segments.  First, we will all meet together to discuss general procedures and what school will look like in our hybrid environment. Next, we will break into smaller groups with guidance counselors where they will go into further detail regarding these topics and leave time for students and their parents/guardians to ask questions.

If you are a parent or guardian of a freshmen and/or a newly enrolled grade 10-11 student at FHS, you are invited to attend this important event. The general Orientation will begin promptly at 6:00 pm, and can be accessed via this Zoom link: All freshmen and new students will be receiving an email via their school email account regarding this, as well, so please remind your child to check their school email.

This same email is being sent to all FHS students, as well.

We are really looking forward to finally starting the new school year! As always, if you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

I hope you enjoy the weekend!


Take care and wear your mask, Mary Whalen Gans

FHS Principal

508-540-2200 ext. 4050