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Social Emotional Needs of Our Clippers Are Prioritized

Student using smartboardThe Falmouth Public School District partners with McLean Hospital to provide our school community with a range of behavioral and mental health services, case consultation, training, and professional development.  One example of this partnership is the case consultation process. The McLean doctoral level psychologists, in collaboration with the Program and Medical Directors of McLean Child and Adolescent Outpatient Services, meet with Falmouth’s staff to discuss interventions that can be used in the school setting to meet the diverse needs of our student body. The case consultation process occurs at all of our schools. Our staff present case scenarios and receive specific feedback on student support strategies that can be applied in the classroom/school settings.

Adjustment counselor Amanda Sample at Lawrence School states, “Students have benefited from McLean via insight the center has provided to teachers, case managers and school adjustment counselors. They offer suggestions that they would utilize in their intensive programs that we as counselors can adjust to use within the school. We are able to also provide families/guardians with data driven suggestions to help with anxiety, school avoidance and social challenges. McLean often validates the difficult work the school is already doing to support all students but also validates how challenging the work can be which is really helpful for staff to hear from someone outside of the school community.”

Caroline McArdle from Teaticket Elementary says, "In dealing with challenging behaviors or a difficult family situation, the McLean consults have helped me in a myriad of ways. The consultants have always been open to hearing all strategies that have already been used in the classroom and offer insight into ways that strategies can be modified and made more productive.  This has had a direct positive effect on both my students and my own classroom management strategies. These consults have not only validated my efforts but they have had a direct impact on my classroom and behavior management strategies resulting in a more connected classroom community."

Abbie Okon, a Falmouth High School graduate shared, “The collaboration of McLean and Falmouth High School’s Bridge program is what allowed me to attend and graduate from high school. My freshman year my anxiety and OCD were at an all-time high. During this extensive time of exposure therapy the two worked closely together to ensure I was getting the help I needed. Mrs. Fauth and I would call in with a McLean staff member to help to set up the best possible plan for me. Their working together allowed me to not simply go from one program to the other, but to have a slow, fluid switch in which everyone was able to be on the same page."

Falmouth Public Schools is committed to prioritizing the social emotional needs of our Clippers and will continue this meaningful and productive collaboration that has been benefiting our students since 2017.