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Remote Learning Update

Posted April 15, 2020

Dear Clipper Families,

I hope this letter finds you well and safe.

We’re pleased to see an increase in student participation since introducing new learning and assignments through our Continuity of Learning Plans. Our teachers, counselors, and administrators are working hard to engage every student. We ask that you help us reach our goal of 100% of student participation during this closure. If you need assistance, please contact your school principal by email or by calling the school. You may also reach out directly to me at

The Office of Teaching and Learning has developed and added the April Recess Edition to the Continuity of Learning Plans on the website. This edition provides opportunities for continued learning during the April recess. Our intention is to provide review, enrich learning, and sustain routines that families have created to support their children. The resources included in the “Review and Enrichment” section of this edition make use of the additional resources currently linked to the Continuity of Learning landing page. We have added and expanded the resources we’ve shared to be certain to touch on every subject and every grade. Additionally, students are encouraged to ensure that all work assigned in the past two weeks is completed and submitted. 

In the April Recess Edition, we offer opportunities for students to contribute to a collaborative journaling project, the CLIPPER Collective, and engage in locally sponsored competitions and recognition programs. 

To help parents and guardians understand and support our students during remote learning, we added a new resource. Please visit our Remote Learning page at 

Just a few updates…

Parents of K, 1, and 2 students:

We have been awarded a district-wide grant from the Falmouth Education Foundation (FEF). This grant allows us to provide devices to students in kindergarten, first, and second grades. We’ve previously provided devices for grades three and four; grades 5-12 were given devices at the beginning of the school year. Despite the district not having funds to purchase or offer devices to K-2 students, we knew that providing devices to all families provides equitable access to all the online materials offered through the Continuity of Learning Plans, the additional resources available for grades K-12, and direct access to their teachers through virtual platforms. Therefore, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer devices through the amazing support of FEF who believes in our goal that 100% student engagement is necessary. Similarly, we shared the belief that meeting our goal is not possible without equitable access by all families. There will be more information to follow for families K-2 once we have a delivery date for the devices. Many thanks to our incredible partner, FEF, for affording all our students access to our remote learning plans.

Parents of students in grades 3 - 10:

The State has waived all MCAS requirements for this school year. Therefore, there will be no spring testing for grades 3 through 10. Students who completed a February Retest for Biology or a March Retest for English Language Arts and/or Mathematics will receive their results in the coming weeks. We are awaiting further guidance on how best to support any senior who, after receiving their results, has not earned their competency determination (CD) in any of these three areas. 

Parents of Lawrence and FHS students: 

For all courses in grades 7 - 12, individual assignments will be graded as they traditionally are with number and/or letter grades. If students miss multiple assignments without being in contact with their teacher, their teacher will communicate directly with them and will notify counselors and/or school administration who will be in contact with the student and parent/guardian directly. 

At the end of the marking period, all grades that are 60 or greater will be marked as “P” or pass for Quarter 4, Trimester 3, or Semester 2. All grades that are 59 or lower will be marked as “NP” or not pass. FHS GPA calculations will be based on grades from quarters 1, 2, and 3. 

Parents of students with IEPs: 

Students and their families will be provided with written notification and individualized Student Remote Learning Plans on Friday, April 17, 2020. It is important to note that special education services for students will look different during the school closure. The Student Remote Learning Plan is not an IEP amendment and the District is not required to hold IEP meetings prior to implementing remote special education and related services opportunities. As the district continues to develop and improve remote learning systems and opportunities, these remote learning plans may be modified.

We hope our communications are helpful as we continue to navigate our way through the school closure. We hope that you can find joy during the April recess. If you need assistance please reach out to your school,, or to me directly.

Thank you for your incredible help and partnership in the education of your children. 

Please be safe and well.

Lori Duerr, Ed.D.
Falmouth Public Schools