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Grab-and-Go Meals Update

March 20, 2020

Dear Families,

When the Coronavirus Covid-19 closure was announced by Falmouth Public Schools we planned to provide Grab-and-Go breakfast and lunch the closure. As the situation continues to evolve we will have to make some slight changes to provide support for a longer period of time, as we are committed to supporting our students and families with free school meals during the closure. Below are some important adjustments.

Same: We will continue with distribution next week March 23- March 27th and will provide another update at the end of next week if things change.

New: Pick up times have been adjusted to 11am- 12 noon. Meals will be distributed from school vans parked in front of the schools.

New: Families can pick up meals on Mondays (2 days’ worth), Wednesdays (2 days’ worth) and Fridays (2 days’ worth). This will help minimize the times families are leaving their homes and still provide food for the week. If you have students at multiple schools simply choose the school location that is closest to your home. It is not necessary to go to multiple school locations.

New: Drive thru- Pick up area will be outside of the following schools for students of all 7 schools:

  • East Falmouth School

  • Teaticket School

  • Mullen Hall

  • Falmouth High School (North Falmouth, Lawrence, and Morse Pond students should consider this location)

Same: Staff & Volunteers will hand bags to you in your vehicles. There is no expectation to provide your name or students names when picking up food.

We are working to get an accurate estimate of how many meals will be needed at each location. Meals will be the same at every location. So, if you know that you will start picking up meals at a location it is helpful for us to get an accurate estimate of how many meals will be needed at each location. Simply email with the number of student meals needed and the school closest to your home. If this is a new concern for your family, there is no need to sign up for school lunch/breakfast support online. Simply go to the location closest to your home to pick up food for your children. We are doing our best to meet the need for all students.

New: Delivery services: Please contact us at, if you absolutely require delivery due to lack of transportation. We need to minimize the risk to staff or volunteers and want to make sure that delivery is an absolute necessity for your children to get fed. If you no longer require delivery please let us know too.

Our thanks go out to you, our staff and community members that are working together in collaboration to provide these services to our students! Stay safe.

Patrick Murphy
Director of Finance and Operations