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Summary Notes East Falmouth School Council 9.11.19

In attendance:  Dr. Dale, Principal, Matt Kinsella, Third Grade Teacher; Mary Lou Botelho, Community Affiliate; Jennifer Malone Parent, Jill DePiper, Parent

Dr. Dale welcomed the Council back to session for the 19-20 school year and shared the new staff, departments, and roles within the school for this year.  (i.e. PreSchool Department, Math Coaches, .5 AP, Literacy Department Head, Second grade Teacher Ms. McArdle, New Reading Teacher:  Elizabeth Paige) 

Updates were shared with regard to Physical Plant upgrades:  Boilers, furniture, Coming soon:  salad bar and share bins to the café.

Discussion regarding the need for the School Sign to be refurbished and the current quote from A. Downs who historically has created and maintained the FPS signs

Class Size was shared at each grade level and were determined to be within the goal range.

Summer Reading Challenge was discussed as the celebration occurred on 9/6.  The reading sheet option of “reading at the beach” and “reading at night with a flashlight” were discussed as challenging and possibly not accessible to all.  A monthly drawing to keep the program alive was discussed (i.e. books, stuffed animals, school supplies)

Discussion on Potential On-going and or New School Success Plan goals was discussed including: 

Teaching/Learning goals within the area of Math as a continuation but with the additional focus on the Math Coaches and growth within subgroups not necessarily always measured by MCAS, Writing across the grades with a common language, common experiences, common assessments, and common expectations. Opportunity to edit within platforms like MCAS.

A goal to continue and or expand community partnerships within and outside of the school:  Woods Hole, Cape Kids Meals, Parents Under the Wing, Student Support Services, VIPS, Mantors, CAST, FHS interships, Gosnold


A goal with regard to physical plant:  Maker’s Space development, Cafeteria improvements, Furniture upgrades, sensitivity to gender neutrality


Conclusion:  Group email will be developed to enhance our communications and work between meeting dates.