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4/6/21 School Committee Meeting Joint with Falmouth Select Board Minutes

Kelly Welch, Chair Megan English-Braga, Chair
Natalie Kanellopoulos, Vice-Chair Douglas Brown, Vice-Chair
Melissa Keefe, Secretary Douglas Jones
Terri Medeiros Samuel Patterson
Andrea Thorrold Nancy Taylor
Leah Palmer Julian Suso, Town Manager
Lisa Hart
John Furnari
Bill Rider
Lori Duerr, Superintendent
HEARD Megan English-Braga call the Select Board to order at 7:00 PM. Roll Call Attendance. All Present.
HEARD Kelly Welch open the meeting for School Committee at 7:01 PM.
Discuss and Act on proposed Diversity Officer Position Job Description
HEARD Ms. Braga open the discussion with a brief background of the position. Ms. Braga stated that a
community member brought this position forth at Town Meeting. Town Departments and the School
Department will share this position.
HEARD Dr. Santa, Director of Human Resources for the Falmouth Public Schools, review the timeline and
process involved in the development of the job description.
HEARD questions and comments of the job description shared on the screen.
HEARD Natalie Kanellopoulos report that this was an opportunity to work collaboratively with the
community and looks forward to moving forward to the next stage of recruitment and hiring.
MOTION by Natalie Kanellopoulos, Vice-Chair of Falmouth School Committee, to approve the Diversity, Equity and
Inclusion Officer job description with the following edits:
1. Edit the heading “Essential Duties and Responsibilities” by moving the words ‘and Responsibilities’ to page 2
so the second subject heading reads “Supervision and Responsibilities”.
2. In the first bullet under Essential Duties, add the words “Vision and” right before the phrase Strategic Plan.
3. Edit the second to the last bullet under Essential Duties to read: Advises on revisions and development of anti-racist and anti-discriminatory policies and practices that promote diversity, equity and inclusion in all
areas of Town Government and the School District.
4. Under the heading Education and Experience change the phrase, Portuguese and Spanish to Portuguese or
MOTION by Doug Jones, Select Board member, to approve the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer job description
with the same edits as mentioned above. SECONDED by Sam Patterson. Roll Call Vote. Four in FAVOR (Nancy
Taylor lost internet connection). MOTION Passes.
Pandemic Challenges
HEARD Julian Suso, Town Manager, report on the status of the COVID-19 rates in the Town and the vaccination efforts.
Mr. Suso also discussed the plans for the beaches this summer. The Town continues to cope with the absences of
employees during quarantines as mandated by the State and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and offices remain
fully functional. Financially, the Town remains in solid condition.
(Nancy Taylor regained internet connection and re-joined the meeting).
HEARD Lori Duerr, Superintendent, thank the Town for their support to the schools during this past year. Since the
positive cases are rising in the schools, Dr. Duerr asks that the community heed the advice of Health Agent Scott
McGann, wear a mask, wash hands frequently, and practice social distancing. Dr. Duerr also reported that vaccines have
been offered several times to school staff during the last several weeks.
HEARD Mr. Suso request that since Ms. Taylor has re-joined the meeting, due to her extensive involvement in the
creation of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer job description, he asked if she could now vote. Kelly Welch
recited the edits to the job description. Nancy Taylor voted IN FAVOR of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer job
description. Making the Select Board’s vote UNANIMOUS.
Discussion of Teaticket Roof
HEARD Patrick Murphy, Director of Finance and Operations, report on the following steps that have been taken to secure
funds for the Teaticket School roof:
1. In February 2020, applied to Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA)
2. Drones sent by MSBA to examine and map the roof
3. Approved by MSBA and moved to next step
4. The Town is required to allocate money to fund the design (approved at Town meeting)
5. Notified by MSBA that a designer and architect will be assigned to the project
6. It is estimated that bids will be collected next Fall or early Winter
7. Work estimated to be done in June 2022
HEARD Kelly Welch thank Mr. Murphy for his report and explained that the reason why the school department applies to
the MSBA for these large projects is to save the Town money. Mr. Murphy added that typically the MSBA would fund
one-third of the over-all cost of such a project.
HEARD questions and comments following Mr. Murphy’s report.
MOTION by Doug Jones to adjourn the Select Board. SECONDED by Sam Patterson. Roll Call Vote. UNANIMOUS.
MOTION by Melissa Keefe to adjourn the School Committee. SECONDED by Andrea Thorrold. Roll Call Vote.
The following documents were included in the School Committee packet of April 6, 2021. Hard copies can
be found in the Superintendent’s office or electronic copies on-line at the Town’s website:
 Job Description: Town of Falmouth Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer
MEETING ADJOURNED: 8:45 PM Minutes Approved: April 27, 2021
Respectfully Submitted,
Melissa Keefe
Secretary Recording Secretary: Sharon Reid