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3/23/21 School Committee Meeting Minutes

The Following MEMBERS at FHS Library:
Kelly Welch, Chair Lori Duerr, Superintendent
Natalie Kanellopoulos, Vice-Chair Sonia Tellier, Assistant Superintendent REMOTE
Melissa Keefe, Secretary Patrick Murphy, Dir. Fin. and Op. REMOTE
Terri Medeiros Joan Woodward, Dir. of Student Services REMOTE
Andrea Thorrold Joany Santa, Dir. Of Human Resources REMOTE
Leah Palmer Sharon Reid, Recording Secretary REMOTE
Lisa Hart Community Access REMOTE
REMOTE: John Furnari
Bill Rider
HEARD Kelly Welch open the Public Meeting at 6:33 PM.
HEARD the Pledge of Allegiance.
HEARD Kelly Welch recite the recording statement.
No outside recording.
HEARD Terri Medeiros recite the Falmouth Public School Mission and Vision Statement.
Update on COVID-19 by Health Agent
HEARD Scott McGann report on the following topics of COVID -19:
a. How to register on the MASSVAX site
b. Other private pharmacy offering
c. Assistance through the Senior Center
d. Increase in vaccines
e. Travel advisory
HEARD questions and comments following Mr. McGann’s report.
HEARD Dr. Parkinson remind everyone to remain vigilant with our masks, social distancing and hand washing.
Additionally, avoid travel.
Update from the Superintendent
HEARD Dr. Duerr report that the reason for closing the High School was due to the shortage of staff while
contact tracing. Dr. Duerr also reported on the following:
1. Approximately 200 staff members have been vaccinated
2. All school models are ready to go when students return to in-person learning
3. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Waivers (DESE): One was approved the second
was not required.
4. Approximately 80% of all families have completed the survey about their child returning to in-person
learning. The schools are calling families who have not responded.
HEARD questions and comments following Dr. Duerr’s report.
Highlight on Education and Social Emotional Learning
HEARD Lisa Tabaracci, Mullen-Hall Grade 4 Teacher, present a PowerPoint on the topic of Playlists,
Technology Tools, and A Mindfulness Classroom. The PowerPoint included:
1. A sample weekly/daily playlists
2. Self-Directed Choice Board Activity
3. Make a Model
4. Create a Graphic Novel
5. Innovative Parent Involvement
6. Mindfulness Classroom
HEARD questions and comments following Ms. Tabaracci’s presentation.
FIRST READ on School Choice
HEARD Joan Woodward, Director of Student Services, report on the proposed sets available for School Choice
for the 2021-2022 school year. Dr. Woodard stated that the K-4 seats are not school specific at this time. Dr.
Woodward also reviewed the timeline for the school choice application process.
HEARD questions and comments following Dr. Woodward’s report.
MCAS Resolution
HEARD members discuss the resolution presented at the meeting. HEARD Bill Rider ask that the word “all”
be removed from the first paragraph of the resolution.
HEARD Andrea Thorrold suggest the School Committee revisit this resolution in three years.
HEARD Kelly Welch state that although the agenda states “Second Read” on the MCAS Resolution item, the
School Committee will vote on this item tonight. There has been ample time for public notification prior to
tonight’s meeting. Mr. Furnari stated that he does not think the School Committee should vote this evening.
MOTION by John Furnari to challenge the Chair’s decision to VOTE on the MCAS Resolution because the
item was not listed on the School Committee’s agenda as “act-on” item. Roll Call Vote. John Furnari and Bill
MOTION by Natalie Kanellopoulos to approve the MCAS Resolution presented with striking the word “all” in
the first paragraph. SECONDED by Melissa Keefe. Roll Call Vote. Eight in FAVOR. John Furnari
HEARD Ms. Palmer request that the Chair pass this MCAS Resolution along to other School Committees in the State.
UPDATE on Superintendent Goals
HEARD Lori Duerr review a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the progress on the following goals:
1. Goal 1: Implement a district-wide and school specific plan in response to COVID-19
 Reopening Plan: Remote/Hybrid/In-Person
2. Goal 2: Establish a vision and common language and launch professional learning for all staff
that challenges our beliefs, understandings, and practices in the pursuit of equitable
academic and social emotional outcomes for all students
 Equity Vision/Goal Statement/Professional
 Learning/Curriculum/Discipline/Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer
3. Goal 3: Homework Policy
 Administration will work with students, families, and teachers to ensure
homework is meaningful, relevant, and within appropriate time bounds.
4. Goal 4: New Superintendent Induction Program Completion
Develop skills in strategy development, data analysis, and instructional leadership by
participating in and meeting proficiency in accordance to program expectations.
HEARD Natalie Kanellopoulos review the Superintendent’s Evaluation Process.
HEARD questions and comments following the presentation.
ACT on Road Race Donations
MOTION by John Furnari to accept the Falmouth Road Race donation of $500.00 to the Unified Track Club.
SECONDED by Leah Palmer. Roll Call Vote. UNANIMOUS.
MOTION by John Furnari to accept the Falmouth Road Race donation of $500.00 to the Best Buddies Program.
SECONDED by Leah Palmer. Roll Call Vote. UNANIMOUS.
MOTION by Melissa Keefe to approved the Minutes of March 9, 2021. SECONDED by Lisa Hart. Roll Call
MOTION by Melissa Keefe to approve the minutes of March 15, 2021. SECONDED by Lisa Hart. Roll Call
Reports from Chair
HEARD Kelly Welch report that the Joint Board of Selectman and School Committee Meeting will be
rescheduled. Additionally, Ms. Welch reminded members that Precinct meetings are coming up and to please
HEARD Leah Palmer request an update on the Diversity Officer Job description.
HEARD Natalie Kanellopoulos report that there was a meeting with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Subcommittee and revisions were presented.
HEARD Leah Palmer request that the acknowledgement of tribal lands be on an upcoming School Committee
Agenda. Additionally, Ms. Palmer recommends the “Race Forward Website.” Ms. Palmer attended a microaggression training and can share her resources to anyone interested.
HEARD Terri Medeiros report that she would be participating on the Emerald House Community Garden
MOTION by Kelly Welch to move into EXECUTIVE Session to discuss strategy with respect to pending
litigation if an open meeting will have detrimental effect on the litigation position of the School Committee and
to discuss strategy with respect to bargaining with Units A, B, C, and D. Having these discussions in open
session may have detrimental effect on the School Committee’s position. SECONDED by Melissa Keefe. Roll
Call Vote. UNANIMOUS. The School Committee did NOT return to open session.
The following documents were included in the School Committee packet of March 23, 2021. Hard copies can
be found in the Superintendent’s office or electronic copies on-line at the Town’s website:
 PowerPoint by Scott McGann: COVID Update, dated March 23, 2021
 PowerPoint by Lisa Tabaracci: Playlists, Technology Tools, and Mindfulness
 Memorandum dated March 18, 2021 to School Committee from Joan Woodward,
RE: School Choice Seats for 2021-2022
 Resolution: MCAS, ACCESS, and High Stakes Testing, dated March 9, 2021
 Superintendent Goals
 PowerPoint by Lori Duerr: Presentation to the School Committee, March 23,
 Superintendent’s Evaluation process diagram and timeline dated March 19,2021
 Draft Minutes March 9, 2021
 Draft Minutes March 15, 2021
 Supplement to LRP Publications, Inc., March 2021, Vol. 34, No 11
MEETING ADJOURNED: 8:31 PM Minutes Approved: April 27, 2021
Respectfully Submitted,
Melissa Keefe
Secretary Recording Secretary: Sharon Reid