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3/9/21 School Committee Meeting Minutes

The Following MEMBERS at FHS Library:
Kelly Welch, Chair Lori Duerr, Superintendent
Natalie Kanellopoulos, Vice-Chair Sonia Tellier, Assistant Superintendent REMOTE
Melissa Keefe, Secretary Lisa Hart Patrick Murphy, Dir. Fin. and Op. REMOTE
Terri Medeiros John Furnari Joan Woodward, Dir. of Student Services REMOTE
Andrea Thorrold Joany Santa, Dir. Of Human Resources REMOTE
William Rider
REMOTE: Leah Palmer
Sharon Reid, Recording Secretary REMOTE
Community Access REMOTE
HEARD Kelly Welch open the Public Meeting at 6:30 PM.
HEARD Natalie Kanellopoulos read the Falmouth Public Schools Mission and Vision Statements.
HEARD Kelly Welch recite the recording statement. Abigail Nehring stated she would be recording for the
purposes of reporting for the Falmouth Enterprise.
HEARD Jana Faiky, parent of a high school student, request that there be more discussion about the checks and
balances regarding discipline actions at the high school.
PRESENTATION of Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS)
HEARD Tracey Crago, Director of Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS), report on the following areas:
1. Identify Priorities
2. Shifting of Programs
a. On-Going
b. On-Hold
c. New
3. Board of Directors
HEARD comments and questions following the presentation.
PRESENTATION of Outdoor Structures and ACT on Donation for Outdoor Tents for Each School
HEARD Amy Leonardi report on the benefits of outdoor classrooms using a PowerPoint that included the
following topics:
1. Project funds raised
2. In the press
3. Types of shelters for outdoors learning
4. School needs
5. Pros and Cons of the options: American Tent, Sun Sails, Pavilion, Greenhouse, or Weather Port Tent
6. Choice: Weather Port Tent
HEARD comments and questions following the presentation.
MOTION by John Furnari to accept the donation from the Outdoor Learning Committee, of the Falmouth
Rotary Club, for $32,806. SECONDED by Melissa Keefe. Roll call Vote. UNANIMOUS.
UPDATE by the Superintendent
HEARD Dr. Duerr report on the following:
1. The COVID vaccination clinic for staff, scheduled for March 19, 2021 has been cancelled
2. Attended the Affirmative Action Committee on March 8, 2021
3. General Review of DESE Returning to School Plan from DESE (DISCUSSION)
4. Weekly “Senior Spotlight” series in the Falmouth Enterprise
HEARD Sonia Tellier report that Bridgewater State has agreed to endorse our new cultural proficiency
programs with graduate credits.
UPDATE Items for Spring Town Meeting
HEARD Patrick Murphy, Director of Finance and Operations, review Article 33 – To see if the Town will vote
to create a Select Board Taskforce on Sustainable Living for Falmouth’s Workforce Families and to fund a
Family Early Education & Childcare Support Voucher Program.
HEARD Joan Woodward, Director of Student Services, report what Preschool Programs are available through
the Falmouth Public Schools.
HEARD comments and questions following the presentation.
DISCUSS and ACT on MCAS Resolution
HEARD Lori Duerr and Sonia Tellier report on the status of the MCAS tests for the 2020-2021 school year.
The resolution would add Falmouth to a list of other districts in the state that request no MCAS tests be given
this year. A sample draft resolution was included in the packet. After discussion, it was agreed that edits to the
sample document would be sent to Leah Palmer who will make revisions. This item will be on the next agenda
scheduled for March 23, 2021.
MOTION by Melissa Keefe to approve the minutes of February 23, 2021. SECONDED by Andrea Thorrold.
Roll Call Vote. UNANIMOUS.
HEARD Kelly Welch report that the joint meeting with the School Committee and the Select Board is
scheduled for March 15, 2021.
HEARD Terry Medeiros report that the Policy Subcommittee is up-to-date on all policy reviews.
HEARD John Furnari report that the Cape Cod Collaborative is working on funding for a playground at the
Star Program site in Osterville, MA.
HEARD Leah Palmer report that she watched the movie “Amend - The Fight for America” on Netflix and
recommends the series.
HEARD Natalie Kanellopoulos suggest ways to increase community participation at the School Committee
VIEWED Student Video.
MOTION by Melissa Keefe to adjourn. SECONDED by Lisa Hart. Roll Call Vote. UNANIMOUS.
The following documents were included in the School Committee packet of March 9, 2021. Hard copies can be
found in the Superintendent’s office or electronic copies on-line at the Town’s website:
 Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) PowerPoint Presentation
 Outdoor Learning PowerPoint Presentation
 Article 33 description
 DRAFT MCAS Resolution
 Draft Minutes of February 23, 2021
MEETING ADJOURNED: 8:56 PM Minutes Approved March 23, 2021
Respectfully Submitted,
Melissa Keefe
Secretary Recording Secretary: Sharon Reid