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1/26/2021 School Committee Meeting Minutes

340 Teaticket Highway
School Committee Meeting
January 26, 2021
Public Meeting 6:30 PM
Executive Session 8:00 PM
Webinar Archived on You Tube
Kelly Welch, Chair Lori Duerr, Superintendent REMOTE
Natalie Kanellopoulos, Vice-Chair Sonia Tellier, Assistant Superintendent REMOTE
Melissa Keefe, Secretary Lisa Hart Patrick Murphy, Dir. Fin. and Op. REMOTE
Terri Medeiros John Furnari Joan Woodward, Dir. of Student Services REMOTE
Andrea Thorrold Leah Palmer Joany Santa, Dir. Of Human Resources REMOTE
William Rider
Sharon Reid, Recording Secretary REMOTE
HEARD Kelly Welch open the Public Meeting at 6:30 PM.
HEARD Kelly Welch recite the taping/recording statement.
HEARD Bill Rider recite the Falmouth Public Schools Vision and Mission Statement.
UPDATE on Falmouth Education Foundation (FEF)
HEARD Alan Jacobs, President of FEF, share his appreciation and gratitude to all staff during these difficult
times. Mr. Jacobs explained how this year the FEF modified the grant process for educators to receive awards
easier. He gave examples of some of the projects funded by the FEF. This year the FEF awarded over
$111,000 in project grants. He further stated that the long-standing relationship between the District and the
Foundation has allowed the FEF to continue to support the schools with minor adjustments in their grant writing
HEARD questions and comments following Mr. Jacobs presentation.
DISCUSSION of FY22 Budget Priorities
HEARD Dr. Duerr review the budget process, the current conditions, and the overarching guidelines.
HEARD Patrick Murphy report on the following aspects of the budget:
 Maintaining and sustaining existing programing, staffing and student needs
 Enrollment
Source of Funds
 Realities
 Assumptions
 Town Budget Allocation of $51,514,729 for FY22
HEARD questions and comments after the Budget Presentation.
UPDATE on COVID 19 by Falmouth Health Agent
HEARD Scott McGann report that Falmouth has experienced a tough couple of weeks in regards to the amount
of cases of COVID 19. Falmouth is in the Red Zone but remains less in numbers than other Massachusetts
towns. Mr. McGann also gave an update on the vaccines. He reported that there would be a vaccination site at
the Barnstable County Fairgrounds when vaccines are available. This will be a regional clinic, and registration
will be online. Additional information can be found at the Town of Falmouth website,,
under the COVID 19 tab.
HEARD questions and comments following Mr. McGann’s report.
HEARD Dr. Parkinson report that all illnesses should be treated as COVID 19 until you are tested.
HEARD Lori Duerr, Superintendent, report that schools remain safe and the District is “over-quarantining” in
order to remain safe. The District is currently in the vaccination planning stage.
HEARD Dr. Parkinson report that when a student athlete has COVID 19 there can be after effects, therefore, a
Return to Play Protocol, was created. This protocol has been implemented in the schools.
UPDATE by Superintendent
HEARD Dr. Duerr report on the following items:
 The schools will celebrate School Counselor’s Week from February 1-5, 2021.
 The Moors Group participated in the Polar Plunge and donated $2,500 to the Cape Kid Meals program.
 Mid-Cape Home Center volunteered to pick up 28 boxes of food in Hyannis for our families from the
Farmers to Families Program in conjunction with the Mass Military Support Foundation.
 The District received a grant from the Falmouth Road Race for $44,710 to fund disc golf targets, a
lacrosse scoreboard, and musical instruments.
 The FHS Theater Company will offer a virtual performance of Clue. Tickets can be purchased online.
ACT on Policies
HEARD Sonia Tellier, Assistant Superintendent, review the policies. MOTION by Terri Medeiros to approve
policies JF: School Admissions, JLCB: Immunization of Student, JFABD: Homeless Students, and JFABF:
Educational Opportunities for Children in Foster Care. SECONDED by Natalie Kanellopoulos. Roll Call Vote.
MOTION by Natalie Kanellopoulos to approve the minutes of January 12, 2021. SECONDED by Melissa
Keefe. Roll Call Vote. UNANIMOUS.
MOTION by Andrea Thorrold to approve the minutes of December 1, 2020. SECONDED by Terri Medeiros.
Roll Call Vote. UNANIMOUS.
Report from Chair
HEARD Kelly Welch report that Town Meeting approved funds for the High School Chiller, the Morse Pond
Ceiling and the Teaticket Roof Design. Additionally, April 12, 2021 would be the next Town meeting;
therefore, the School Committee meeting will be on April 12, 2021 from 6:00 PM-7:00 PM.
HEARD Ms. Welch also report that she would move forward on scheduling a second School Committee Retreat
on the topic of micro-aggressions.
HEARD Terri Medeiros request the following for future agenda items:
1. Revisit Operating Protocols, specifically item #16
2. Bring back students to the School Committee meetings (remotely)
HEARD John Furnari report that the Legislative Forum, hosted by the Cape Cod Collaborative, is scheduled for
February 12, 2021 at 8:30 AM.
pHEARD Andrea Thorrold report that the MASC Division VII Discussion – Racial Equity, will be held in
conjunction with the Legislative Forum.
MOTION by Kelly Welch to move into Executive Session pursuant to G.L. c.30A, sec. 21(a)(7) to comply
with, or act under the authority of, any general or special law or federal grant-in-aid requires (Purpose 7);
specifically, the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c.30A, sections 22(f),(g). The School Committee will NOT return to
Open Session. SECONDED by Melissa Keefe. Roll Call Vote. UNANIMOUS.
The following documents were included in the School Committee packet of January 26, 2021. Hard copies can
be found in the Superintendent’s office or electronic copies on-line at the Town’s website:
 FY22 PowerPoint Budget Presentation
 Final versions of policies JF: School Admissions, JLCB: Immunization of Student, JFABD: Homeless
Students, and JFABF: Educational Opportunities for Children in Foster Care
 Draft School Committee Minutes of January 12, 2021
 Draft School Committee Minutes of December 1, 2020
OPEN MEETING ADJOURNED: 8:21 PM Minutes Approved: February 9, 2021
Respectfully Submitted,
Melissa Keefe
Secretary Recording Secretary: Sharon Reid