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School Committee Meeting 3/23/2021 Community ACCESS REMOTE

6:30 PM OPEN Meeting
Per Governor Baker’s order suspending certain provisions of the Open Meeting Law, G.L.c.30A
Sec.20, the public will not be allowed to physically access this School Committee Meeting but can be
viewed live on:
Please click the link below to join the webinar:
The meeting will also be lived streamed on Channel 14.
A recording of this meeting can be viewed on You Tube at:

Please limit comments to two minutes per individual to items not on this meeting agenda. There will be
no debate or action taken on public comment items. The Committee will take items under advisement or
the individual may request an item to be placed on a future agenda.
6:40 PM UPDATE on COVID-19 By Health Agent
6:50 PM UPDATE from the Superintendent
7:00 PM HIGHLIGHT on Education and Social-Emotional Learning
7:10 PM FIRST READ on School Choice 2021-2022
7:20 PM SECOND READ on MCAS Resolution
7:30 PM UPDATE on Superintendent Goals
7:40 PM UPDATE of Summative Evaluation Process
7:50 PM ACT on Falmouth Road Race Donations
1. Unified Track Team - $500.00
2. Best Buddies - $500.00
8:10 PM Conduct Routine Business
1. Approve Minutes March 9, 2021
2. Approve Minutes March 15, 2021
8:15 PM REPORT from the Chair and Committee Member Reports
8:25 PM MOVE into EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss strategy with respect to pending litigation if an open
meeting will have a detrimental effect on the litigation position of the School Committee and to discuss
strategy with respective to bargaining with Units A, B, C, and D. Having these discussion in open session
may have a detrimental effect on the School Committee’s position. It is expected that the School
Committee will not return to Open Session.