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School Committee Meeting 1/26/2021 REMOTE ACCESS

Falmouth Public Schools
340 Teaticket Highway, East Falmouth MA
6:30 PM Public Meeting
REMOTE ACCESS Meeting (Zoom Webinar)
January 26, 2021
Lori Duerr, Superintendent of Schools
School Committee Members: Kelly Welch, Chair, Natalie Kanellopoulos, Vice-Chair, Melissa Keefe, Secretary, Terri
Bill Rider, John Furnari, Andrea Thorrold, Lisa E. Hart and Leah Palmer
FPS Mission: The Falmouth Public Schools creates world-class student learning
experiences. Our Clippers are empowered to pursue their goals with curiosity, integrity,
and resiliency.
FPS Vision: Clippers are creative, inquisitive, and engaged learners who participate in
their community as socially responsible citizens. Clippers effectively communicate and
solve problems that impact the world around them.
Please limit comments to two minutes per individual to items not on this meeting agenda. There will be
no debate or action taken on public comment items. The Committee will take items under advisement or
the individual may request an item to be placed on a future agenda.
6:45 PM UPDATE on Falmouth Education Foundation by Alan Jacobs
6:55 PM DISCUSSION Budget Priorities 2022
7:10 PM UPDATE on COVID 19 by Falmouth Health Agent
7:20 PM UPDATE on COVID 19 by Superintendent
7:30 PM ACT on Policies JF: School Admissions, JLCB: Immunization of Students, JFABD: Homeless Students:
Enrollment Rights and Services, and JFABF: Educational Opportunities for Children in Foster Care.
7:40 PM Conduct Routine Business
1. Approve Minutes of January 12, 2021
2. Approve Minutes of December 1, 2020 RETREAT
7:45 PM REPORT from the Chair and Committee Member Reports
7:50 PM MOVE into EXECUTIVE SESSION pursuant to G.L. c. 30A, sec. 21(a)(7) "to comply with, or act under
the authority of, any general or special law or federal grant-in-aid requires (Purpose 7); specifically, the
Open Meeting Law, G.L. c 30A, sections 22(f), (g).