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Spring Newsletter

Happy Spring to Everyone!


This version of the Newsletter is primarily to inform parents about upcoming STAMP Testing dates for sophomores at FHS and for Grade 8 students at Lawrence. When juniors and seniors wrap up testing in the next week or so, sophomores will begine testing on May 19th and continue through June 3rd. Grade 8 students will begin testing in June on the 9th and 10th ( Grade 8 only) and then the 13th and 14th for both Grades 7 and 8. Please see my previous newsletter for criteria for this testing.

The FHS WL teachers and I are currently in the process of preparing for our Annual Awards Ceremony, either in the auditorium or during Clipper Time. More information will follow to finalize the location and times when we are sure of them. Seals will go to deserving seniors who are currently applying for them, and who will receive pins, cords for graduation, and stickers affixed to their diplomas indicating that honor. Certificates will go to deserving Juniors and Eighth graders at their respective award events.

Teachers have been preparing for this testing all year and are now in the process of making predictions about the data in order to analaye it this summer. Some will attend Professional Development events this summer as well, namely the Proficiency Academy, NADSFL Summer Leadership Academy or Summer Institute, or special PD at Melrose High.

Virtual Implementation Teams are also now in fiull swing. I am a Team Leader for the Latin teachers and all teachers are viewing modules and attending Alignment Labs in order to understand the Standard Alignment Guide and how to adapt current curricula. We will doing a review of our curricula starting this year in order to transitioon current UbD Units into the new alignment guide.

If any one has further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me :

508 540 2200 x 3047

I wish you all a wonderful end to the school year with your students and a happy and healthy summer!

Dr. Pat DiPillo, WL Dept Chair 7-12