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Band Letter to Parents

Dear Parents and Guardians,


We would like to offer your child the opportunity to play a musical instrument. The instrumental music program at Morse Pond is a valued and integral part of the curriculum in the Falmouth Public Schools.  Studying a musical instrument is rewarding and fun, having an impact on your child’s development that will last a lifetime.  It develops responsibility, self-discipline, concentration, and self-confidence.  It fosters social skills and the ability to work with others, cultivating creativity and a lifelong appreciation of music.


Group lessons, 30 minutes long, are offered to students once every six days. The classroom teacher agrees upon lesson time, and students are scheduled at the most appropriate time for them as possible. In addition, two full band classes are scheduled during school where students do not miss time in the classroom. The Jazz Band offered after school on Monday is for advanced instrumentalists that have already played their instruments before. Students just starting this year should wait to sign up for this later in the year or talk to Mr. Borning. In order for students to participate in the Jazz band students must also participate in Band during school. Students in Band and Jazz band will perform at three evening concerts during the school year in December, March and May.


Recently your student attended a demonstration of instruments that are offered at Morse Pond. Music and Arts was chosen by the Falmouth Public Schools to offer an instrument rental plan (directions on attached sheet) as a convenience to you. However, you may acquire an instrument, new or used, from any source. The method book, “Standard of Excellence” Book 1 is required for each student to have and it may be purchased from Music and Arts or someplace else online (be sure that you get the book for the correct instrument). In cases of financial hardship, there are some school owned instruments that can be loaned out, please contact Thomas Borning.


If you would like your child to participate in the music program, please complete the back page of this packet and return it by the deadline of Monday, September 20.  (Students who have already participated in the band program and plan to continue must also return the form.) If you choose to rent from Music and Arts please check the appropriate box on the form attached. Please be sure to rent an instrument and purchase book at before September 16.




Tom Borning                                  

Instrumental Music Teacher                  


John Mitchell, our Music and Arts Representative

(774) 407-4346


Morse Pond Band Registration Form

Please fill out the form and return this page to your school Music Teacher

(Printer friendly version link)


Student’s Name:



Parent/Guardian Name:



Parent/Guardian Phone Number:



Parent/Guardian E-mail:



Classroom Teacher:



My child wishes to play the following instrument:

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Oboe
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Baritone
  • French Horn
  • Percussion


Do you plan to RENT the instrument?

  • I will rent online at (Click on rentals on the home screen).
  • I already have an instrument or will get one somewhere else.
  • I am interested in using a school-owned instrument and/or scholarship/financial assistance.


How do I get an instrument?


  • Rent from Music and Arts. 

    • This is a great option!  You will be renting to own, so eventually the instrument will be yours!  

    • This comes with insurance!  Accidents happen and repairs can be costly.  With the rental, all repairs will be covered.

    • If your child decides to switch instruments, your equity will transfer to the new one.

    • Instructions on how to rent an instrument. (on the back of this sheet)

  • Buy a brand new one. 😔

    • Please don’t.

    • Beginner instruments are not really worth buying. If your child continues to play, you’ll likely want to upgrade to a more professional model anyways.

    • Cheaper instruments can’t always be fixed!.  They are kind of disposable instruments.

    • Quality new instruments will cost from $500-$2000 dollars.

  • Fix up an older instrument.

    • Maybe you have an instrument in your attic?  Or you found one at a garage sale this summer?  Keep an eye out for top brands such as Selmer, Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, Bundy, King, Jupiter etc..Give us a call if you have any questions.

    • Music and Arts can fix an old instrument.  Costs will vary.

  • Ask for financial assistance.

    • The school district can offer some financial assistance

    • We have a hard working Band Parent organization that also provides supports

Online Rapid Rental Instructions

Falmouth Public Schools Rental & 5th Grade Band Program 

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Your child can choose to play one of the instruments listed below:

     Flute,   Clarinet,   Alto Sax,   Oboe,   Trumpet,   French Horn,    Trombone,   ¾ Baritone Horn,  Percussion


An easy way to rent an instrument is to follow these steps (on line)

  1. Go to

  2. Click on “rentals or rent-now” on the home screen

  3. Enter your zip code 

  4. Select your child’s grade. Press Enter.

  5. Select your child’s school from the drop down menu 

  6. Click on the instrument your child has chosen to play. 

  7. Choose the rental price – “3 month introductory period.”

  8. Select delivery option 

    1. You may choose to have your child’s instrument delivered to school by our Music and Arts representative (no delivery fee) or you may choose to “ship to home” for a fee.

  9. All students will need the requiredStandard of Excellence book 1” method book for class. This method book is included in your rental shopping cart along with the other teacher recommended accessories for lessons.

  10. Enter your billing information to complete your order.  

  11. Please print or save a copy of your online rental confirmation and save it for your records.

If you have any questions please email or call:

John Mitchell, our Music and Arts Representative   -  (774) 407-4346

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please reserve your instrument online ASAP.  Completing the rental process by September 23rd  will help ensure that it is processed for delivery and ready for your child’s first lesson.

Thank you!

Some highlights of the rapid rental program are…

  • 100% of rental payments are applied toward the purchase of the instrument (rent-to-own)

  • You may return or exchange the instrument at any time without penalty

  • Our Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) plan covers any repairs that may arise while renting

  • Music and Arts’ rep John Mitchell provides weekly service to your child’s school