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McKinney-Vento Homeless Education

Helping Families in Transition

If you lost your housing and now live in a shelter, motel, vehicle, camping ground, or temporary trailer; on the street; doubled-up with family or friends; or in another type of temporary or inadequate housing, your child may be eligible to receive help through a federal law called the McKinney-Vento Act

Falmouth Public Schools Homeless Liaison:
Dr. Joan Woodward
Director of Student Services
(508) 548-0151 extension 143

Under the McKinney–Vento Act, children in homeless situations have the right to:

  • Go to school, no matter where they live or how long they have lived there.
  • Attend either a local school or the school of origin, if this is in their best interest; the school of origin is the school the child attended when he/she was permanently housed or the school in which the child was last enrolled.
  • Receive transportation to and from the school of origin.
  • Enroll in school immediately even if missing records and documents normally required for enrollment, such as birth certificate, proof of residence, previous school records, or immunization/medical records.
  • Enroll, attend classes, and participate fully in all school activities while the school gathers records.
  • Have access to the same programs and services that are available to all other students, including transportation, and attend school with children not experiencing homelessness. A school cannot exclude a student because he/she is homeless.

Falmouth Community Resources

  • Food Pantry: 508-548-2794 Falmouth Service Center at 611 Gifford Street, Falmouth
  • SNAP (Food Stamps): 1-508-862-6600
    E.H.S Service Center or 508-548-2794
    Falmouth Service Center for appointment or 508-548-0533 Falmouth Human Services for information
  • Free Meal: St. Barnabas Parish House, 91 Main Street, Falmouth, serving lunch
    Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 11:30am-12:30pm
  • Fuel Assistance: 1-508-746-6707 South Shore Community Action or 508-548-2794 Falmouth Service Center for appointment
  • Utilities Assistance: 508-548-2794 Falmouth Service Center for appointment
  • Housing Assistance: 508-548-1977 Falmouth Housing Authority or 1-508-771-
    5400 Housing Assistance Corporation or 508-548-0533 Falmouth Human Services
    for advocacy
  • Health Insurance: 508-495-7157 Falmouth Hospital Financial Services
    (Forms also available at Falmouth Human Services)
  • Elder Services: 508-540-0196 Falmouth Senior Center or 1-800-244-4630 Elder Services of Cape Cod
  • Veterans Services: 508-495-7450 Falmouth
  • Employment Services/Unemployment Benefits: 1-508-771-5627 Career
    Opportunities Center
  • Social Security Office: 1-855-881-0212
  • Financial Assistance Programs: 1-508-862-6600 MA Department of
    Transitional Assistance (Programs for families, elderly and disabled)
  • Anonymous Mental Health Selfassessment:
  • Crisis Response: 1-800-322-1356 Dept. of Mental Health Crisis Team or 1-800-513-4728
  • Falmouth Human Service 508-548-548-0533 Counseling and support services to help with stress, anxiety or life’s difficulties.

If you know of a family or student who may be eligible for services through the McKinney-Vento Act, please contact the Office of Pupil Personnel Services at (508)548-0151 x 143