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Falmouth High School Late Bus Runs 2019-20

Wednesday - Thursday - Buses Depart At 4:15pm

Bus 10

  1. Brick Kiln Road To Route 28

  2. Route 28 To Cash’s Trail

  3. Carriage Shop Road To Hayway Road To Old Barnstable Road

  4. Old Barnstable Road To Plum Hollow And Odonnell Avenue Area

  5. Back Down Old Barnstable Road Past Bogs Onto

  6. Old Meeting House Road To Sandwich Road

Bus 8

  1. Brick Kiln Road To Route 28
  2. Route 28 To Main Street To Gifford Street
  3. Gifford Street To Jones Road
  4. Jones Road To Palmer Avenue
  5. Palmer Avenue To Woods Hole Road To Woods Hole
  6. Quissett Avenue To Sippewissett Avenue To Route 28A
  7. Rt 28A To Old Dock Road To Quaker Road
  8. Quaker Road To Curley Boulevard To Route 28A
  9. Route 28A To West Falmouth Market

Bus 23

  1. Brick Kiln Road To Sandwich Road
  2. Sandwich Road To Club Valley Area
  3. Route 151 To Route 28A
  4. Right On Route 28A To Old Main Road
  5. Old Main Road To County Road
  6. Route 28A Back To Route 151 To Boxberry Hill Road
  7. Boxberry Hill Road To Hatchville Road
  8. Hatchville Road To Geggatt Road To Thomas Landers Road