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North Falmouth Elementary School Bus Route Pickup Locations 2020-2021

Bus 6 - Starts at 8:30am

Hatchville Road at Wellington Way

538 Hatchville Road

613 Boxberry Hill Road

Little Kids Day Care 590 NF Highway

North Falmouth Highway at Pebble Lane

667 Route 28a

687 Route 28a

North Hill Drive at Wohelo Drive

20 Fred Douglas Road

56 Fred Douglas Road

Tara Lane at Heather Lane

737 Route 28a

304 Old Main Road

Bus 9 - Starts at 8:30am

209 Hayway Road

Pinehurst Road at Flossmore Road

Plum Hollow Road at Flossmore Road

Road Between Doran Drive at Twin Hill

Road Between Twin Hill at Doran Drive

Kompass Drive at Castree Lane

169 Kompass Drive

Bus 10 - Starts at 8:35am

466 Boxberry Hill Road

Brigantine Drive at Caravel Drive

85 Brigantine Drive 

Brigantine at Barque Drive

Goeletta Drive at Galleon Drive

15 Caravel Drive

Sam Turner Road at Wheelhouse Circle

Bus 18 - Starts at 8:35am

Chapoquoit Road at Shapquit Bars Road

Quaker Road at Colonial Way

Quaker Road at Cliffwood Lane

Quaker Road at Fox Lane

Quaker Road at Ard Righ Road

Quaker Road at Arthur Street

11 Crystal Spring Ave

104 Silver Beach Ave

Ocean View Ave at Grove Street

Quaker Road at Highland A

Bus 19 - Starts at 8:35am

Fordham Road at Regis Road

Fordham Road at Shepard Pl

251 Club Valley Drive

6 Willow Nest Lane

Bus 23 - Starts at 8:35am

134 North Falmouth Highway

51 North Falmouth Highway

North Falmouth Highway at Chambers Hill

North Falmouth Highway at Tricket Road

North Falmouth Highway at Rockledge

North Falmouth Highway at Dove Hill Road

Chester Street at Ward Street

Benjamin Nyes at Cameron Road

Bus 24 - Starts at 8:30am

71 Sam Turner Road

Sam Turner Road at Pondview Drive

Spectacle Pond Drive at Ivest Drive

132 Sam Turner Road

202 Hill and Plain Road

Saddleback Lane at Wellwood Circle

311 Falmouth Woods Road

330 Falmouth Woods Road

Cairn Ridge Road at Martingale Circle

146 Cairn Ridge Road

122 Cairn Ridge Road

Cairn Ridge Road at Equestrian Lane