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Clipper Corner: Alumni Edition

Meet Mr. Bushy 
By Sarah E. Murphy 
Mr. BushyLawrence School Principal Tom Bushy isn’t just a Bulldog, he’s also a former Clipper. 
A product of Falmouth Public Schools, and a proud graduate of the Falmouth High School Class of ’97, Mr. Bushy began his career in education teaching history to students in Grade 10-12 at Bourne High School, after completing his student teaching in 2002 at FHS with one of his mentors and former teachers, Rich Mason. 
As a junior in Mr. Mason’s history class, Mr. Bushy gravitated not only to the subject material but also his teacher’s style of imparting knowledge. 
“He had a way of making learning fun,” Mr. Bushy recalled. 
He was also inspired by his lacrosse coach, FHS adjustment counselor, Greg Gilbert, who would go on to become one of the founders of the district’s unique No Guff anti-bullying movement. 
“It was inspiring to see the work Mr. Gilbert was doing with students of all abilities and backgrounds,” Mr. Bushy said.
“It made me think working with kids was something I could do and have success with.”
Additionally, Mr. Bushy credits his former English teacher, retired Department Chair for Grade 7-12, Joanne Holcomb, with whom he studied at both Lawrence School and FHS, for her lasting impact. 
“Mrs. Holcomb was great at bringing out the best in all students’ writing, and letting kids express themselves in alternative ways,” he said. 
Mr. Bushy’s teaching career continues to impact his current role. 
“I try to never lose sight of how immensely challenging and emotional teaching is. Now, more than ever, this work is so important. So I try, in any of my interactions, to never lose sight of the fact that teachers are all in the profession because they care about kids, and they also need support, like the kids do,” he said. 
“I want to make sure that part of my job, while always focusing on what’s best for kids, also brings in a lens of what’s fair and supportive for staff.”
Mr. Bushy and his wife, Traci, a board member of Falmouth Education Foundation, have four children, all of whom attend Falmouth Public Schools - currently at Morse Pond, Lawrence, and FHS. 
“As a parent, I’ve been grateful for each and every teacher my kids’ have had. We’ve had wonderful experiences all the way up from East Falmouth Elementary to Falmouth High,” he said. 
“The level of care and support that Falmouth’s educators, counselors, teaching assistants, and office staff provide is exceptional. We feel extremely confident that our kids are being supported in a variety of ways from the time they leave the house in the morning until they come home in the afternoon.”
Mr. Bushy also credited the Falmouth community for its dedication and commitment to education. 
“The relationship the schools have with our community partners is very strong. Our PTOs, school councils, and organizations such as VIPS and FEF are really involved in a way that makes the experience of students and staff better,” he said. 
“And the relationships we have with our parents and guardians are really sound. We’re always working in a way that honors the fact that all students and families are coming from different places in their lives, focusing on students’ safety and challenging them academically, while also supporting them socially and emotionally.”
Sarah E. Murphy