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Town of Falmouth Joint Statement on Recent Events

As leaders in the Town of Falmouth, we write to share in the heartache that is felt by our community due to recent unacceptable hate crimes, acts of brutality, and ongoing injustice in our country.

We denounce these events and extend our support to all of our black and brown friends and neighbors in our community. Over the past few months, amidst COVID-19, we have been more deeply reminded of the inequities and disparities within our community and nation. We recognize the need to address these systemic inequities and call upon our community to join us as we seek equality, peace, and respect through our words and actions.

We have not overcome disparity. The lives and stories of Christian Cooper, Breonna Taylor, Amhaud Arbery, George Floyd, and the many who came before, demand that we break our silence and have honest conversations about bias of all sorts, including racism. At the same time, we must remain committed to recognizing and uplifting the good in our community. We must continue to embrace our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion to break the cycle of racism and other forms of oppression. Now more than ever, this is the time for us to open our hearts and minds, listen to one another, make amends, nurture relationships, and stand united together in solidarity.

As we ponder what is happening in our nation, let us turn to our own community and ask what can we do to address inequality.