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Superintendent Announces Appointment of Permanent Positions

Dr. Lori Duerr is pleased to announce the following interim positions are now permanent with the Falmouth Public Schools. “All four administrators have proven to be outstanding additions to our school district,” Dr. Duerr said. “Each person brings a new level of expertise and unique qualities to their positions which will benefit our students and staff.”

Joan Woodward, Director of Student Services

Dr. Woodward was appointed to the interim position in June 2018. Her time here has been spent meeting with special education staff, guidance/counseling staff, school nurses and related service providers to effectively provide services to our students. Dr. Woodward is committed to working with our students and families through strong student supports and parent workshops. Dr. Woodward looks forward to enhancing our community partnerships to build greater opportunities for all students.

Andrea Burns, Director of Food Service

Ms. Burns, a long-time resident of Falmouth, has worked for the Falmouth Public Schools for 25 years. She started her new role in July, 2018. Ms. Burnes has proved to be an effective leader for the Food Service Department. Ms. Burnes has added new items to the school menus and has started “going green” in the cafeterias.

Kathleen Riordan, Principal of Morse Pond School

Dr. Riordan joined the District in July, 2018. Her twenty years of experience in education has served her well during her time at Morse Pond School. This year at Morse Pond School, her focus has been on developing a framework for tiered social emotional strategies to meet the diversified needs of the students, while continuing to build upon the positive school community and culture of academic excellence.
Sandy Kapsambelis, Principal of Teaticket School
Ms. Kapsambelis has been with the Falmouth Public Schools since 2000. She started as a Speech Pathologist, then an Assistant Principal/SEBA and finally in 2018 was appointed Interim Principal. During this school year, Ms. Kapsambelis has worked to support the staff in providing inclusive instruction that engages every student in their learning and fosters inquiry, creativity, and positive risk taking. She is also focused on establishing the language of growth mindset as part of the culture of the Teaticket School.

Dr. Lori Duerr, Superintendent Falmouth Public Schools

For Immediate Release: April 10, 2019