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Special Education Parent Advisory Council Meetings 18-19

Special Education Parent Advisory Council  (SEPAC)

 2018-2019 Meetings and Parents Workshops


 September 27, 2018    Federation for Children with Special Needs

                                    “504” Plans”

 October 11, 2018        Jeanine Fitzgerald

                                    “Orchestrating Attention”

 November 29, 2018    Jeanine Fitzgerald

                                    “Food for Thought” The Influence of Nutrition on Behavior”

                                    Morse Pond Auditorium   323 Jones Rd. Falmouth

                                    6:30pm to 8:30pm

January 17, 2019         Federation for Children with Special Needs

                                    “Basic Rights Presentation”

                                     Falmouth High School Library  874 Gifford St.


March 21, 2019           Jeanine Fitzgerald

                                    “Brains at Risk”   Location                 Mullen Hall School Library                                           6:30pm-8:30pm

 May 23, 2019              End of the year Meeting

                                    Go over the By-Laws and vote in new officers    Morse Pond School Library