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Changes to Bus Routes Starting Wednesday, October 6th

Dear FPS Families,

Due to the ongoing bus driver shortage, the Falmouth Public Schools must consolidate its general education bus routes starting Wednesday, October 6th. Under the new transportation plan most bus routes will be impacted with only small changes: 

  • Some stops have changed for some students. 
  • Bus pick-up or drop-off times have changed slightly.
  • Bus routes may be a bit longer for some students and a bit shorter for other students. 
  • Morse Pond and Lawrence students will ride the same bus.

Please review the new bus routes at

The most significant change to the transportation plan is that Morse Pond and Lawrence students will now ride the same bus. Buses will drop students off at Lawrence, go to Morse Pond to drop off students in the morning, and then pick up students in the same order in the afternoon. Our Lawrence and Morse Pond principals are highly confident their students will handle this change well. As a reminder, all of our buses have multiple cameras to confirm safe behavior inside and outside the bus. All principals and administrators are very responsive to any inappropriate behavior on the buses. 

The three-tier system of transportation will not change. FHS starts and ends their days with the first tier of bus routes. Lawrence and Morse Pond students are on the second-tier routes. Elementary students are on the third-tier routes. We utilize the same buses for all three tiers. Thus, the loss of just one driver typically impacts three morning and three afternoon routes. Unfortunately, the district has had to consolidate our routes to cover for the reduction of five drivers as of the first week of October.

For those following the news, a number of other school districts across the Commonwealth are relying on National Guard members to support school transportation needs by driving students in vans. Fortunately, this one-time consolidation of bus routes in Falmouth will allow the district to be in a sustainable situation for the rest of the school year. In Falmouth, families that need bus transportation will continue to have access to the buses. 

Across Cape Cod, it is estimated more than 40 school bus driver vacancies need to be filled immediately. Given the private sector competition for delivery drivers, the severity of the school bus driver shortage will not let up anytime soon. If you know anyone interested in being trained to drive a school bus please encourage them to call the district’s transportation vendor, Lucini Transportation at 774-255-9101. If someone is interested in becoming a bus monitor on a special need bus or van, they can contact our Director of Transportation Greg Kennedy at 548-0151 x176.

Finally, we can all support our current team of Falmouth bus drivers. Sharing a quick thanks to our drivers each morning and sharing an appreciation for their efforts to keep our children safe each day will make a difference.