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November 4, 2019

FHS SCHOOL COUNCIL:  November 4, 2019 

Present:  Zaria Cain-Williams, William Cone, Mike Feeney, Mary Gans, Philip Gessen, Sanjay Govindarajan, William Peters, Zorianna Petrosyan, Noah Schmidt, Sean Sullivan, and Jennifer Vu.

Meeting opened at 3:15 pm.

 Council members were welcomed to a new school year.

  • Co Chair: Mr. Peters and Mr. Cone will decide for next meeting which parent will serve as co-chair.
  • Parents received a conflict of interest for the town.


  • NEASC/School Success Plan distributed
  • Mrs. Gans provided a brief overview of the NEASC process and school success plan.
  • Mrs. Gans is going through priority areas of growth based on our NEASC visit.
  • Mrs. Gans discussed ALICE training protocols and how it is different than previous trainings. ALICE training Nov 13th for parents.
  • Role within the budget what kinds of education programs should we have. School Council has a role. Mrs. Gans is asking for an additional adjustment counselor. 
  • Sanjay discussed more academic courses as opposed to electives.

 Homework Discussion: what is essential and the amount that is essential

  • Better communication with teachers with homework or tests.
  • Looking to add staff with the volume of homework. More standardized for homework. 
  • Homework can feel like busy work. Lexington Public School policy something to consider.
  • Parents said the volume pushing away from wanting to learn and reflections.  Peers helping students with homework.
  • What to do about catching up when you get sick and the homework. 
  • Homework and all of the conflicts in order to get things done.  
  • Homework traditional so teachers feel that they need to do it.
  • AP courses we need to understand that homework is there.
  • Test calendars and time management is a piece. 
  • Flipped classroom at times should work.
  • When you take multiple AP it is hard and think about management.
  • AP ton of homework that helps us to understand it I can learn it on my own.
  • People need to know what you going into it.
  • Sports and academics/ academics are important. There is a stigma in taking AP. 
  • Homework forum on December 13th from superintendent @ LAW auditorium. 
  • We have kids we have kids waking up really early to get homework done. 


  • Please email Mrs. Gans if you have any questions or concerns:
    • Students mentioned that they wanted to discuss special education services.