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May 13, 2019


Present:                Paula Carlson Cahill, Michael Feeney, Mary Gans and Zorianna Petrosyan.

Most members had other commitments.

Meeting opened at 3:10 pm. 

NEASC Update:  NEASC visited FHS on April 25 & 26, 2019.  Zorianna was one of the student tour guides and felt the tour went very well. The visiting team asked questions about student life, safety and structure of classes. We will receive their report either this summer or in October.

 Safety Update:  A Lockdown Drill will take place toward the end of May. All drills will be announced clearly as a drill – so if we don’t hear “this is a drill” we need to take it seriously as a real event. It has been reported that in Colorado a real event was not taken seriously right away – it took a bit for folks to realize it was not a drill.

 Council received a question from a parent about Library closings:  The Library is closed during the school day for MCAS testing or if Mrs. Parker is out and we could not secure a substitute. The Library is closed after school for occasional meetings and for MCAS set up. We keep it open as much as possible.

 Multipurpose Field Update:  Construction is going very well – we are looking forward to opening the field in the Fall.

 No Guff Voting Question:  Should nominated adults and students be on the ballot if they have won previously?

Zorianna agrees with a once or twice limit. Members feel it doesn’t keep with spirit of community if it’s the same folks repeatedly and it would make it more inclusive and would give more people a chance.

 Student input regarding ideas for improvements at FHS:  Would like later school start time revisited. Mrs. Gans will send the presentation link from last year to Zorianna via school email. We spoke of the added costs for buses and bus routes due to Falmouth’s large geographical area. Elementary parents spoke up about child care and scheduling issues caused by this change.  Mr. Feeney reported that Mashpee will start later in 2019-2020, their school committee is in favor and they own their own bus fleet.

 School Play: Mrs. Gans reported it was very good and Zorianna enjoyed it!

 Student Government:  After the seniors leave, Mr. Feeney will broach holding elections in the Spring instead of waiting until the Fall. Zorianna believes that would make it easier to plan fundraiser and to transition into the new school year.

 Sports Schedules updating:  While we agree it would be helpful to have on the website as games are postponed, it is very time intensive and we would need to look into how and who would take this on.

 The Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.