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December 2, 2019

FHS SCHOOL COUNCIL:  December 2, 2019

Present:  Deb Berglin, Paula Carlson Cahill, Zaria Cain-Williams, William Cone, Mike Feeney, Mary Gans, Philip Gessen, Sanjay Govindarajan, Zorianna Petrosyan, Sean Sullivan, and Jennifer Vu.

Meeting opened at 3:15 pm.

Council members introduced themselves and welcomed by Mrs. Gans.

Co Chair: Mr. Cone reminded all to complete town’s Conflict of Interest.

School Safety: Parents/Guardians received an email detailing the ALICE information presentation by our School Resource Officer to our students the week of December 16th. Students are able to opt out, even during the presentation. Last year our students expressed they didn’t like the traditional lockdown method – ALICE is a new method.

Homework Forum hosted by Superintendent Duerr is December 3 – all are welcome. Zaria is writing an article in Journalism class about homework and the survey results.

School Start Times – Zorianna is very interested, is aware the district went through a process on this previously, would like to revisit. Mr Feeney suggested she reach out to Mashpee for student impact/input since they just switched last year. A spirited discussion ensued concerning bus contracts and routes, child care needs, after school care, jobs, and sports schedules, along with the comment that less homework would mean students could get to bed earlier.

Credit Recovery – Zaria asked if there will be credit recovery classes next year. (Yes)

Grades online - Mr. Sullivan asked how long teachers have to enter grades online. Our faculty handbook suggests update every 10 days. Mr. Sullivan said he believes 2 weeks is contractual at his school.

Schoology – Zorianna asked how Schoology will integrate with PowerSchool and said she’s heard students don’t like Schoology so far. Sanjay mentioned that as they get more familiar with Schoology, that may change. Philip agreed that he didn’t like it at first, but as he uses it more, he is getting used to it.


Cell Phones – Ms. Berglin mentioned that she thought that the cell phone pocket use in AP History is very helpful and inquired about school-wide policy. We have offered pockets to all teachers - some use/some don’t. Students discussed feeling comfortable, or not, with putting their phone in the pocket.

Vaping – Is very difficult to prevent and catch. Ms. Gans has talked with other principals regarding what’s working, or not. Sensor technology is available and used in some schools, but doesn’t work that great and it’s more of a deterrent. Students asked if we’ve installed sensors, and the answer is: we won’t answer that. Even if we hired bathroom monitors to sit outside, it’s still extremely difficult to prevent/catch. Zorianna suggested not just online modules – writing a paper is better, to mention more in health class along with a PSA at start of the year regarding the chemicals in the vape, that it’s not just water. Mr. Sullivan suggested a voluntary stop smoking group meeting after school. Zaria asked for a Clipper Time on vaping. Philip suggested a Don’t Vape Group meeting of perhaps 20 students at a time – that a smaller group may be more helpful. We will continue to work to improve the educational, preventative and disciplinary pieces of this dilemma. Mrs. Gans asked that we bring all of our good suggestions and ideas to her.

Meeting adjourned at 4:25 pm.