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January 8, 2018



Present:  Paula Carlson, Deb Coulombe, Mary Gans, Daniel Gessen, Jenny Hops, Kathy Martino, and Nancy Quigg.

The meeting opened at 3:15 pm with Superintendent Nancy Taylor and Director of Finance and Facilities Patrick Murphy joining us to give a Budget Presentation for 2018-2019.

  • Budget = $47,823, 129 which is an increase over last year, though COLA raises will use up most of the increase. We have incredible teachers who remain with FPS for a long time, they hold a wealth of experience – and that is a budget expense.
    • The budget is a finite number we must stay within.
  • The Department Head of Art and Music position will remain funded at this time.
  • Looking to increase by 1 adjustment counselor in elementary & hoping for a Health/PE/Wellness Department Chair position
  • Falmouth needs to plan 2 to 3 budget cycles ahead for positions and plan how to sustain
  • Future plans (beyond FY19) include hope for a Family Resource Center within the district to help with the increasing percentage of families affected by poverty and addiction – give families a place to connect with resources, to create a network.
  • Falmouth’s budget cycle is early: approved by School Committee by end of February. Governor’s budget is end of January, then to House/Senate end of April. State w/ Chapter 70 is available in late June/July, so FPS needs to be conservative in estimate of funds from the state. Federal Budget also runs on a longer cycle – this affects circuit breaker funds (help with OOD student placement) & entitlement grants.
    • The expectation is there will be cuts in funding, however what those are is not known when we budget. So, once all funding amounts are released, FPS may need to reallocate funds &/or make a cut(s).
  • Positives:
    • Supplies/Materials budget has been maintained and we’re making progress on some district capital needs.
    • Falmouth is an incredibly supportive town, with a very supportive Finance Committee which is always thinking of ways to help the schools.

Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Murphy answered the Council’s questions then turned the meeting over to Mrs. Gans.

  • Members are hopeful that the PE department head position will go ahead.
  • Members spoke in favor of how a Family Resource Center would benefit families, with agreement that prevention is key to student/family success
  • Members wondered will Clipper Time continue next year?
  • Event Highlights and Updates were reviewed.
  • Members are asked to send in ideas for No Guff Week events.
  • Members were reminded that Handbook suggestion/edits are due by January 12th
  • Trip policy mentioned – what is best: booster club or school collect & distribute funds?
  • Members were reminded to let Ms. Gans or Ms. Carlson know if you have an agenda item you’d like added.


Next meeting: 3:15 pm on Monday, March 19th.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.