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November 20, 2017



Present:  Paula Carlson, Deb Coulombe, Liam DiNicola, Michael Feeney, Mary Gans, Daniel Gessen, Philip Gessen, Siobhan Morris, Dylan Pyne, Nancy Quigg, Noah Schmidt, and Mary Van Ness Uitti.

The meeting opened at 3:15 pm with Principal Gans welcoming all members, and introductions around the table. Ms. Gans let the new student members – and all members - know that she welcomes their input and their feedback, and then briefly reviewed the history and responsibilities of the Council.

Student Government reported some fundraising ideas (color run, class shirt, pop sockets) and that they will continue to meet several more times throughout the year on early release days, continuing to give reps and officers time to plan together.

Co-Chairs were elected:  Parent Co-chair:  Deb Coulombe. Student co-chairs:  Liam DiNicola, Daniel Gessen, Philip Gessen, Noah Schmidt and Ness Uitti will share the responsibilities.


The Homecoming Rally with the Dodgeball Final was a new and different twist - it was well received and went very well.

Meet Your Teachers Night was very well attended and ran smoothly – we appreciated the assistance of student volunteers as guides.

The Homework Initiative was lauded  by all members – less busy work; fewer assignments; more meaningful; less stress.

Ms. Gans’ and Mr. McManamon’s Clipper Time Presentation at the NEASC Showcase was successful.

  • A discussion of Clipper Time positives and suggestions followed.


A tardy discussion was begun and will be continued at our January meeting.

Cell phone use in school and texting – most agreed that just a small percentage of students have trouble with the rules in classrooms. Some adult members felt students could use both at home and at school:  a break from devices and more face to face time to de-stress, to learn how to resolve conflict, and to read tone and inflection (missing in texts).

Members were reminded to let Ms. Gans or Ms. Carlson know if you have an agenda item you’d like added.

Next meeting: 3:15 pm on Monday, January 8th.

The meeting adjourned at 4:05 pm.