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September 25, 2017


Present:  Paula Carlson, Deb Coulombe, Michael Feeney, Mary Gans, Jenny Hops, Kathy Martino, and Nancy Quigg.

The meeting opened at 3:15 pm with Principal Gans welcoming all members.

Ms. Gans reported that the start of the school year has gone very well. Ms. Gans heard from parents that they wished Clipper Time started right up on the first or second day of school!  

Marching Band has increased by 18 members this year – very exciting for the program!

Summer Homework. There was a somewhat lengthy discussion regarding the value of assigning students homework over the summer break.  The sentiment seems to be that most parents/guardians and students do not see the value in summer work.  This is an ongoing discussion at FHS with teachers and department heads.  FHS will research how other districts handle this issue.

Co-Chairs will be elected in November.

Clipper Time – NEASC requires “personalized learning” (no longer called Advisory). Mentor day is single grade. Other days can be mixed grades. We haven’t yet begun Clipper Time this year - Thursday, Friday, Monday will be mentor days, then we will begin. Ms. Gans and Mr. McManamon will present FHS Clipper Time to the NEASC Model Schools Conference on October 13th with a video compiled by Ryan Webber of interviews with students and teachers and with Mary and Tom talking about the start up process. It was suggested that we add parent interviews, perhaps recorded during Meet Your Teacher Night. A faculty poll in June showed 100% of faculty agreeing to continue with Clipper Time! Members stated that parent feedback is overwhelmingly positive and that Clipper Time has made a massive difference in students’ lives at school!   Suggestion:  next year perhaps start at beginning of school, with 3 days like mentor Monday and then begin.  This suggestion has bene taken under advisement.

Review of upcoming events.

A member thanked FHS for changing the title of Open House to Meet Your Teachers Night – this suggestion originally came from the School Council.

Please let Ms. Gans or Ms. Carlson know if you have an agenda item you’d like added.

If people wish to add items to the school calendar, please send them first to Ms. Gans or Ms. Carlson for review and approval.

Next meeting: 3:15 pm on Monday, November 20th.

A discussion of why the “Remind” app was blocked took place (student data and privacy concerns) and a reminder that student email only communicates with other addresses – it does not send/receive from outside email addresses. Perhaps students and teachers can use the email option instead.

Feedback on the new district website is positive (looks more inviting and more current).

The meeting adjourned at 4:10 pm.