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January 3, 2024 (Minutes)


January 3, 2024

Attendance: Paula Carlson Cahill, Merrie Beth Dodge, Mike Feeney, Rebecca Gonzales, Mananjo
Jonahson, Paula Smith
The meeting opened 5:05 pm.
Today’s Agenda and the Minutes from November’s meeting were reviewed and approved.
Alan asked for input from members on the start of the school year:
● Spirit weeks have been good; morale is better; better unity - throughout the district
● The start has been great
● The “vibe” is positive and we’ve created a culture of being open to feedback.
● EPass has mixed reviews - some students like it; some think the process is painful
Lawrence piloted the auto check back in feature and we may change to add this as well.
It’s important to listen to the students about this system. A member asked since we’re
“competing” for students, would EHall pass be a decider? Alan responded it’s not just what we do, it’s
how we do it and we work on this.
Discussion followed about enrollment numbers being down - we have less students in the town who
have more choices: charter, private, tech schools, and they all market/advertise. We have broadened our
education of Grades 7 & 8 about what’s available to them/the experience they can have at FHS.
Alan noted that we are working to change the culture and are addressing expectations for hats/hoods,
phones/devices and EHall. We want to be better this year and each year, knowing that in three years the
culture should feel it. We are working to get to where students have high expectations of themselves as
scholars and are building an authentic student community voice. We have more students in student
government than in years!
Teachers are seeing the difference between students turning in assignments and the students having the
knowledge and the skill because they learned the content. Two years ago it was less about that
difference and more about getting our students back present in person after the pandemic. It is fantastic
that we are regaining our traction!
The Library has had some changes - greater access, empty bookcases have been moved out, we’ve
added student union type furniture, and our long-term substitute has worked well.
AP Human Geography was mentioned as a popular course and it counts as History credit toward
Excellence and Equity - work continues with departments for the Honors cohorts to add
freshman/sophomore availability. We have already added English and Bio honors.
Please review the School Handbook - you will see that big chunks of it are district driven and some we
have say in, (Student Handbook / Student Handbook) Please bring your suggestions to the March
For March, we hope to bring in Mr. McManamon and students to highlight their group working on the
Library and the Clipper Cafe. Topics for future meetings include Endowments/Funding, School Store
(where? how access?), AI in schools.
The meeting adjourned at 5:59 pm and we moved to the 6:00 pm District Budget Presentation in the
Lawrence School Library.