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January 3, 2022

FHS SCHOOL COUNCIL: January 3, 2022

Present: Paula Carlson Cahill, Mike Feeney, Cheryl Giardi, Rebecca Gonzales, Ginny Irving, Tom McManamon,
Zorianna Petrosyan, and Paula Smith.

Meeting opened at 5:30 pm - we re-introduced ourselves and were welcomed by Mr. McManamon to a brief meeting
prior to the Budget Presentation by Superintendent Dr. Duerr and Finance Director Mr. Murphy in the FHS Library.
We discussed the principal position - Mr. McManamon took over the helm of FHS today as our interim principal, and
HR has said that the principal search process will begin this winter/early spring.

Covid 19 protocols - We certainly felt the uptick here at FHS. DESE changed to a 5 day quarantine if asymptomatic,
followed by a strict 6-10 day distance/masks, so we’ve added an alternative lunch spot for these students. Mr.
McManamon spoke with each student individually and from now on the covid team will advise families.

Restorative Practices is a substantial revision to discipline this year - to repair harm, teach behavior, step back and
look at what this is about, why is it a concern. It’s a slow process. Experts say it can take 3 - 5 years for teachers
because this is a huge cultural shift and staff needs proper training. Dr. Curtis Bates has met with FHS staff 3 times and
is “on call”. Jackie Hartman, DEI partner, is also a great resource. Mr. McManamon and Ms. Moran are offering a 6
part course for FPS staff.

Vision of A Graduate - a NEASC mandate - #IAMACLIPPER suggestion - t-shirts (like MullenHall once a mako, always a
mako) - once a Clipper, Always a Clipper? We will work on this shift, work on describing the meaning behind it so it’s
not just jargon.

The FHS Racial & Social Justice Committee Mural Project has been approved for two grants. Mr. St. Julien and Ms.
O’Brien are working together as heads of the Diversity Committee and are spearheading this project. A mural artist
has been engaged.

MCAS testing - seniors are exempted as long as they’ve passed their appropriate English and Math courses and juniors
are exempted from science if they have passed. Grade 9 and 10 need to take all MCAS tests along with students who
have not passed the necessary courses in place of testing. Testing will take place in March, May and June.

We were reminded to please review the FHS handbook and to please submit any questions, comments, and feedback
as soon as possible this month. Council feedback is so important!

A question was asked about growing the band - last year we had a huge senior component (half of the band), so we’re
down in numbers this year - due to COVID, grade 8 couldn’t participate the way they normally do. Now we’re back to
“normal” music, Sarah Wheeler will talk to the eighth graders this spring, and we’re hoping to bring numbers back up!
Music took a hard hit during covid, virtual music is so different than playing and singing together. Choir was much
smaller this year than in prior years. Steve Edwards does a great job involving students from elementary through high
school. Some Council members remembered how the pep squad and other spirit pieces used to be huge and are
wondering if we can bring that back.

If you have any Agenda Items you’d like to be included on future agendas, please email them to Mr. McManamon or
to Ms. Carlson Cahill.

Mr. McManamon mentioned his door is always open and you can reach him directly at ext. 4050.

Upcoming Meetings: Our next meetings are scheduled for March 7 and May 9 at 3:30 pm in the FHS Library.

Meeting adjourned at 5:58 pm and we headed to the FHS Library for the Budget Presentation.