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June 7, 2021

Present via Zoom: Deb Berglin, Paula Carlson Cahill, Mike Feeney, Mary Gans, Zorianna Petrosyan, Noah Schmidt, and
Sean Sullivan.
Meeting opened at 3:02 pm.
Ms. Gans and Mr. Feeney gave kudos to Noah for showing up to today’s meeting – Noah graduated this past Saturday
and showing up today demonstrates Noah’s dedication and commitment to FHS – once a Clipper, always a Clipper!
SCHOOL SUCCESS PLAN: In October 2019 we discussed the plan and at that time our three goals were focused on
NEASC. Now the district and the school goals are aligned. Today’s meeting agenda lists the three FHS goals (cultural
proficiency, Woods Hole Partnership, a safe and engaging school environment).
RESTORATIVE PRACTICES: FHS began adopting restorative disciplinary practices this year. Council is to review goals
and give feedback to Ms. Gans of modifications, amendments and/or additions.
Ms. Berglin asked for further discussion of restorative practices – Ms. Gans explained different ways to move
forward now including an educational component, sessions with a school adjustment counselor, writing and
reflection, talking, expression remorse and how these ideas can have a better result and impact than suspending a
student for a number of days.
Per request, we later returned to the restorative justice discussion - with conversations about how DESE
statistics show disproportionate discipline for students of color and when/how we will educate the student body
about the changes, that our administrative team is 200% on board and we will need to talk more with our faculty.
Some folks are having a difficult time with the change, and that while this is a district-wide initiative, it does look
different at different grade levels. Ms. Gans noted that our Assistant Principals have worked hard on this for the past
few years.
NEASC: Dates have changed to October 3 – 6, 2021 for the Decennial Visit. We believe it will be mostly virtual,
however that is still to be determined. An in-person visit can be expensive as it includes transportation,
accommodations and meals – and we know that early fall is a challenging time to find accommodations on the Cape.
FHS will devote the September 28 professional development day with a school-wide professional development
workshop devoted to the NEASC Decennial Visit.
FPS has developed the “VISION OF THE GRADUATE” which is a NEASC requirement, using each letter in the word
CLIPPERS to define the district-wide expectations for Falmouth graduates – these characteristics differ for grade levels
and has been communicated to all students, staff, and families and will continue to be emphasized.
Council discussed the request for the Council to make a recommendation to serve on the interview committee who
will select the new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer. Ms. Gans will ask for clarity on if they’re open to any staff
member or are looking for a faculty member and will forward Deb Berglin’s name as a parent/guardian member who
is interested in serving on the committee.
K-12 Survey of Remote School option for next year – this is for an IN DISTRICT virtual school and we are not sure what
that would look like. Only 35 – 38% may want virtual school for their child next year, across all grade levels. Families
and faculty have a lot of questions and concerns – including this could cause lower enrollment which could result in
loss of jobs. Request to DESE to host an in district virtual school does require school committee approval and will be
on their agenda.
Mrs. Gans thanked Noah for his service to the Council this year and adjourned the meeting.