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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 4-15-2020

Lawrence School Council Zoom Meeting

April 15, 2020

Meeting started at 5:00pm

Members in Attendance
Thomas Bushy, Principal and Chairperson
Charlene Johnson, Teacher Rep
Jill Meserve, Parent Rep
Cheryl Giardi, Parent rep
Francine Daggett, Community Rep
Patricia Pinto da Silva, Parent Rep
Sean Sullivan, Parent Rep
Rebecca Vieira, Vice Principal

I. Approve January Minutes
II. Discuss school closing- as of now May 4th return date

Grading 4th quarter work graded as regular grades, but will be pass/ no pass, up in the air as
how final grade will impact quarter 4

-Staying connected with the kids, have a hold of all students with help of service providers toensure food, internet etc...

-What is the status of how families are handling this? Will there be an open forum for parents to
speak their minds? Should advisory have Zoom? Better communication for parents to attend
public meetings, possible set up team meetings with parents, Bingo on Google Meet,
social-emotional piece.

III. Student Handbook- comment about negative tone- mostly about behavior, Look at other
handbooks maybe, In The Know is very helpful

IV. May 4th is next meeting at 5:00 pm- more work around promoting these meetings to the

Meeting Adjourned 5:55 pm.

Tom’s Personal Notes:
- Patricia wants more communication to parents
- 1/week for office hours
- Principals should provide open hours - zoom
- 1/week for decisions
- Patricia wants more office hours and is thinking about what the status quo is
- Google calendar use as well
- 30 minute check in - hennessy
- Advisory - wishes for a more regular check in
- Crisis and we aren’t doing anything.
- Encouraging folks to attend the few public meetings
- Didn’t seem to like the way things were presented at the school committee meeting
- Possibility of having after school activities
- Social emotional piece is more important
- More established team meeting time
- - 500 people in a meeting (patricia)
- Jill loves the lessons and feels they are taught with clarity
- 7 classes and a challenge to navigate
- Workload is substantial - worried about kids that don’t have parents support at home
- Students work 5 hours a week
- Teachers are great at getting back to them
- Cheryl is pleased with the office hours and communications
- Sully - Bingo at student government

Handbook - Disclaimer for zoom
Incoming parent - handbook strike a negative tone - focuses too much on discipline and rules
and not the amazing things teachers do - look at other handbooks to introduce what really
matters at the school

- Cheat sheet
Get a copy of this year’s Be in the Know -
Promoting - the meeting more broadly.