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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 10-7-2019

Lawrence School Council Meeting 

Monday, October 7, 2019

5:00 – 6:00 p.m.


Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 5:05pm

Members in Attendance

Thomas Bushy, Principal and Chairperson

Francine Daggett, Community rep

Brian Connolly, Teacher rep

Charlene Johnson, Teacher rep

Jill Meserve, Parent rep

Cheryl Giardi, Parent rep

Sean Sullivan- Parent rep

Patricia Pinto da Silva, Parent rep


  • Approve September Meeting Minutes- the minutes were approved 


  • Principal’s Comments-


School Success Plan Goals- 

-Supporting new staff members- Tom will hold a voluntary meeting and supply coffee so new staff can have down time. There will be resources there to help support them if they have questions, concerns etc. 

-Been in most classroom already, off to a great start- 

           -Open to suggestions on how to support staff 

          -Tying METAL into all subject areas

          -School Safety & Students Belonging- making kids feel connected to their school and staff

           -ALICE update

  -Promoting Every Student Every Day With What Is Happening At Lawrence (work in progress)  -analyze it and check it with strategic objectives -Tom will send us notes to add our suggestions


School Committee Meeting is October 22nd   


  • New Meeting Dates- 


November 4th we will meet

December we will not meet 

January we will meet

February we will not meet

March possibly- will be revisited

April we will meet

May possibly

June we will meet

 Staffing Updates (Please excuse misspellings of names) 


  • 8th gr. Digital Literacy  David McCray
  • 7th gr. ELA Jillian Jewett
  • 8th gr. ELA Daniel Sullivan
  • World Language (French) Daniel Perea-Kane
  • Special Education Amanda Hinsman
  • Connect Program Jen Hyland, Rhett Johanson
  • SAC Amanda Sample
  • Science Abigail Smith
  • Science Carmella Myesky
  • TA Jen Batol
  • TA Ms. Ryan

Meeting adjourned at 6:00pm