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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 5-13-2019

Lawrence School Council Meeting

Monday, May 13, 2019


Meeting began at 5:00

 Members in attendance

Thomas Bushy, Principal and Chairperson

  • Francine Daggett, community rep
  • Grace Simpkins, parent rep
  • Brian Connolly, teacher rep
  • Sean Sullivan, parent rep
  • Cheryl Giardi, parent rep

 Approval of March (modified) and April Meeting Minutes  - Minutes were approved

 Principal’s Comments

 All School Art Show

    • Outstanding event. The art teachers made sure that there was at least one piece of art from each student. 
    • They set up Wed/Thursday before and nothing was damaged. Speaks to great kids at school
  • Follow-up on Feedback from Student Handbook – Thank you
    • Paws of Behavior – added to the book pending School Committee review
    • Pass to Advance – added to the book pending School Committee review (This program was piloted last year 7th to 8th. This year piloting 8th-9th.  Bushy has met with folks from HS to make sure it is a seamless process/transition.)

Lawrence School Updates

  • Lawrence School Track
    • Momentum is building. Student on warrant committee is working on a Falmouth Road Race grant for a 200 m track at Lawrence.  Grant deadline is June 1st.
    • There used to be a track here and they would try to put it in the same spot.
    • The place where it would go would only impact the pop warner E team and the 3rd and 4th graders for lacrosse.
  • Tennis Court Approved at Town Meeting
    • One neighbor is opposed due to increased traffic and thinking the courts are in good shape.

School Council Comments           

  • Review/Feedback: “Be in the Know”
    • Bushy took notes on edits

 School Council June Meeting

  • Elections for 2019/2020 School Council Members (2 positions)
  • Pizza – Volunteers for sides/dessert/soda/paper products

 Meeting adjourned at 5:45

The next School Council Meeting is scheduled for June 3, 2019

Pride, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion