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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 4-1-2019

Lawrence School Council Meeting

Monday, April 1, 2019

 Minutes Meeting began at 5:00

 Members in attendance

Thomas Bushy; Principal and Chairperson

Francine Daggett, community rep

Grace Simpkins, parent rep

Brian Connolly, teacher rep Charlene Johnson, teacher rep Sean Sullivan, parent rep

Approval of March Meeting Minutes - Minutes were approved

Principal's Comments

2019/2020 Conversations

  • Minor schedule changes for next year that occur on an annual basis due to the number of students, demographics, etc. Will be working with the same schedule consultants that are working with Morse Pond (the consultants will visit Lawrence in late April)
  • Any significant schedule changes would be introduced in the 2020-2021
  • Grade 8 MCAS Celebration. Last year the 8th graders did really well in math and want to reward that.

Lawrence School Handbook

  • Review/Feedback from Council Members
  • Add boxes on the student assignment pages - leave off disciplines Pg School sponsored activities consent form - back is something you want to stay. Also, is it generic form Pg. 55 (every page has a hall pass)
  • Can we make it smaller

School Council Comments

  • Review "Be in the Know" Meeting adjourned at 5:45

The next School Council Meeting is scheduled for May 13, 2019

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