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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 1-7-2019

Lawrence School Council Meeting

Monday, January 7, 2019


Meeting began at 5:03

Members in Attendance

Thomas Bushy, Principal and Chairperson

  • Francine Daggett, community rep
  • Grace Simpkins, parent rep
  • Cheryl Giardi, parent rep
  • Brian Connolly, teacher rep
  • Charlene Johnson, teacher rep

A roval of December Meetin Minutes - Minutes were approved

Principals Comments

  • Reunification Drill o It will be a significant disruption on January 25 th . The whole building starting 2nd block will be dismissed. Kids will be put on 14 buses and sent to the high school. Kids will be in the auditorium and parent volunteers will participate by reunifying with their child, o They will try to limit it to 2 nd and 3 rd block so that lunch is not impacted. o Lawrence is the last one to do it other than the high school.

Lawrence School Updates

  • Career Vocation Technical Education (CVTE) Exploratory o Will start this week. It will be Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Students miss last period for 3 weeks and get to explore the vocation tracks at the high school.
  • Week Ahead E-mail o Mr. Bushy will continue to send it out. It takes time getting the information from the teachers, getting it approved, sending it out, etc. o Worries over who is reading it and how useful it is.

School Council Comments

  • Monday, February 11th combined School Council Meeting at Morse Pond 5:30 p.m.
  • PTO and School Councils for grades 5-12 o Dr. Duerr and Patrick Murphy to present the budget to parents, School Council and PTO members
  • Parent question — "What was the purpose of showing the 7 th graders a video about gangs." It may have been a video in health class. Film they are referring to may have been "Freedom writers".

Meeting ended at 5:58

The next School Council Meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 11 r 2019 at Morse Pond

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