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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 12-3-2018

Lawrence School Council Meeting

Monday, December 3, 2018


Meeting began at 5:00

Members in attendance

  • Thomas Bushy, Principal and Chairperson
  • Francine Daggett, community rep Grace Simpkins, parent rep Cheryl Giardi, parent rep
  • Brian Connolly, teacher rep
  • Charlene Johnson, teacher rep

Approval of November Meeting Minutes - Minutes were approved

Principals Comments


This discussion was about the budget for supplies (not operations). FPS has a formula for how much each school gets based on enrollment numbers.

Lawrence will get $103,000 for supplies.

Mr. Bushy asked all the Dept. Heads to fill out a spreadsheet with requests.

He tells them to shoot for the stars and he'll scale it back.

Science is routinely unmet.           

Health and wellness will get more this year because they have a new department head.

Music needs a new sax (the last one is 30 years old).

The budget needs to be spent 80% down by October, 90% by January to show the town the money is being spent.

  • Iditarod - MSPCA Communication o Team 4's engineering class culminates in a challenge where the kids make a sled on wheels with the students as mushers and pulling the sled. It's big, popular, students from Mullen Hall and Morse Pond come to watch.
  • Bob Porto and Liz Liles run it. The MSPCA would like to discontinue it due to concerns about animal welfare in the actual Iditarod. (No non-human animals are used at Lawrence race).

Lawrence School Updates

  • PTO Bulldog Bucks o The PTO and a team of teachers are working on revisions to the fundraiser for next year so we meet our fundraising goal
  • HPV Education Video o The question is whether the video should be shown at school or not. It is not currently part of the curriculum and would need to be added.
  • First Quarter Dance
  • There were no issues. Team 6 and 3 provided chaperones and both teams got $200.

School Council Comments

  • Feedback from Lori's visit o Mr. Bushy will make a spreadsheet

Meeting ended at 6:05

The next School Council Meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 7, 2019

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