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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 11-5-2018

Lawrence School Council Meeting

Monday, November 5, 2018


 Meeting began at 5:00

 Members in attendance


  • Thomas Bushy, Principal and Chairperson
  • Sean Sullivan, parent rep
  • Grace Simpkins, parent rep
  • Cheryl Giardi, parent rep
  • Brian Connolly, teacher rep
  • Charlene Johnson, teacher rep


Principal’s Comments


  • School committee feedback on SSP Goals
    • The SSP goals were well received. The principal shared the SSP goals.
    • There was discussion of the student warrant committee and school government and possible changes.
  • Attendance Incentives
    • Viera gives out treats to students for perfect attendance. She hands out pencils, etc. at lunch. 
  • Grade 6 Information Night @LAW on November 19th.
    • There will be a 6th grade connect ed call to 6th grade parents from the principal of Morse Pond. An e-mail went home about it.

Superintendent arrived around 5:30  - Discussion about LAW and District


  • Strengths about LAW/District
    • There is good support for vulnerable students
    • Staff and parent communication is good
    • Dress code at Lawrence is a real positive and we would like to see it at the high school
    • Small community feel across the district
    • Communication from staff within the department, across grades and the schools is good
    • The team approach leads to problem solving which is a positive
    • Co-Teaching has really helped
  • Challenges
    • A lot of kids starting to show problems with mental health – there is a rise in anxiety and stress
    • The transition from MP to Law is hard and powerschool is stressful.
    • Class sizes are large. Especially 8th grade foreign languages classes. 
      • The response was to talk about scheduling complications
    • Discussion about adding recess or formalized time for movement.
    • The fields and turf in general are in bad shape
    • Lockdown scenarios are a concern. There was appreciation for ALICE training but more information needs to go out to parents.  Also, a unified district message on whether the students are told it is a drill or not. 
      • All the locks at LAW are being replaced so they can be locked and unlocked from inside the classroom
    • Scheduling across the district can cause conflicts as Morse Pond and Lawrence share Mondays as their night.
    • The district needs to support gifted and talented students.



Meeting ended at 6:00

 The next School Council Meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 3, 2018

 Pride, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion