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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 10-10- 2018

Lawrence School Council Meeting

Tuesday, October 10, 2018


Meeting began at 5:00

Members in attendance

  • Thomas Bushy, Principal and Chairperson
  • Francine Daggett, Co-Chair and returning member
  • Grace Simpkins, parent representation and returning member
  • Cheryl Giardi, parent representation and returning member
  • Brian Connolly, teacher representation

Minutes from the September meeting were approved by committee

Principal’s Comments

    • The principal asked for suggestions for the School Improvement Plan (SIP) Goals.  Ideas included:
      • Add a study hall
      • Update facilities such as lockers, tennis courts, and walking track
      • Pass to Advance
      • Address some technology constraints.  Make it a goal that each student has access to technology at home so they can do their required homework
    • The principal will present about the school at the School Committee Meeting on October 23rd.

Lawrence School Updates

    • PTO Bulldog Bucks
      • The PTO president updated the committee on current sales
    • Saturday School – The First one is October 13th from 9-11am.
      • This is one week before progress reports go home versus later in the quarter.  
      • The suggestion was made to have more but that is pending due to some scheduling conflicts.

Meeting ended at 6:00

The next School Council Meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 5, 2018