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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 9-10-2018

Lawrence School Council Meeting

Monday, September 10, 2018


Meeting began at 5:00

Members in attendance

Thomas Bushy, Principal and Chairperson Francine Daggett, Co-Chair and returning member Grace Simpkins, parent representation and returning member Cheryl Giardi, parent representation and returning member Brian Connolly, teacher representation

Minutes from the May meeting were approved by committee

Principal's Comments

The school is off to a good start. There are 290 gth graders and 260 7th graders In the know was well received. There was discussion of adding a graphic showing where to pick up and drop off students in the morning and at dismissal

Still looking for one more teacher SC representative

Lawrence School Updates

Paws of Behavior are in effect. Mr. Bushy and Mrs. Viera are in the process of visiting all the classrooms to discuss Paws of Behavior with all the students. They are working on Paws for the auditorium and the bus. They are also working with the teams to encourage them to give the students incentives for good behavior. Pass to Advance. If you do not a pass a subject you need to go to the Lawrence School free summer school to advance. It was a success this year. They are going to implement this in the 8th grade this year. There is discussion with the high school on how to work with 9th graders that need to retake a class. Bridge - This is a new program. A TA was hired to work in this room. Students that are absent from school due to mental health for an extended period of time will go to the bridge classroom for 6-8 weeks before going back to their regular team classes. In Bridge the guidance counselors can come in and offer specialized assistance to help the students get back on their feet. This is also an option for students that show a need but do not have an extended absence.

Introduce New Staff

Jen Batol, TA Heather Colbath, TA Cindy Crista, TA

Donna Dickerson, 8th grade math Matty Leocadio, nurse

Erin Mello, The Learning Center, Meg Nugnes, Team 4 case manager Kat Snyder, Custodian, Samantha Hayward, Bridge TA

There is also a new PE/Health/Wellness Dept. Head – Julie Tinkum

School Council Responsibilities were reviewed

www.doe, The law outlines four major areas of responsibility for councils. School councils are to assist the principal in:

Adopting educational goals for the school that are consistent with local educational policies and statewide student performances standards. Identifying the educational needs of students attending the school. Reviewing the annual school building budget, Formulating a School Improvement Plan (SIP).

Meeting ended at 6:00

The next School Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 9, 2018 (This was amended after the SC meeting ended as Monday the 1st is "Meet the Teacher Night" at Morse Pond)

Pride, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion