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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 5-2-2022

Lawrence School Council Meeting Minutes 

Monday, May 2, 2022 

5:04 -5:22 p.m. 

Attendees: Thomas Bushy - Principal/Chair Carmela Mayeski - Teacher Rep/Secretary Abir Zaineh-Connect Teacher, G8 Francine Daggett-Community Rep/Co-chair 

  • The Meeting began at 5:04 pm. 
  • Approve March Meeting Minutes (April Meeting was canceled) 

0 The meeting minutes were reviewed and approved by Council members

  • Principal's Comments: 

O MCAS issues (ELA)? 

uncharged chromebooks Periods will be longer after Math and STE MCAS than ELA MCAS

o Curriculum Night: 

  • Changed up the format 
  • Inquisitive group of parents for this year's grade 6 students 

Estimated 75 parents and/or guardians in library 

  • Lawrence School Updates: 

O Look over the "in the Know" packet to see if any changes need to be made by the next meeting. 

The Warrant Committee has a lot of warrants coming up. Mostly, they are about the dress code. Discussions will be held with team leaders to make final decisions

  • School Council

O Terms for School Council: Need to check who is running and who is up for re-election (parents representatives) o Ballots with volunteers will be sent home to families to elect representatives o 6 meetings per year 0 No comments or suggestions from current members for improvements 

The next School Council meeting is : Monday, June 6, 202

  • Dates for future School Council Meetings (may be amended if necessary)

o Monday, June 6, 202

Meeting adjourned at 5:22 p.m.