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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 3-7-2022

Lawrence School Council 

Meeting Minutes Monday, March 7, 202


Attendees: Thomas Bushy - Principal/Chair Carmela Mayeski - Teacher Rep/Secretary Abir Zaineh- Connect Teacher, G8 John Neil-Parent 

  • The Meeting began at 5:10 pm. 

Approve January Meeting Minutes (February Meeting was canceled) 

The meeting minutes were reviewed and approved by Council members

Principal's Comments

No Guff week was pared back this year but more than last year (Full school magician activity, 33 No guff winners from each advisory, no pep rally etc.), Formalized principal's award, added Staff Award

Mask Mandate lifted (10% or less still wearing), no issues with bullying about masks yet EDI Group Work: Meeting biweekly to discuss equity, diversity and inclusion. Built in messaging and activities into advisory period. March is Women's History, there will be events and activities this month to celebrate. 

Lawrence School Updates: 

Extracurricular activities have been great this year. Outside activities and sports will be starting up this Spring. Looking forward to more clubs being restarted.

Some kids are having a hard time getting back into school schedule so EC activities are not as well attended as previous years. o New panels in the cafeteria to help with Art show displays and to cut down on soundFEF grant (about $3000) grant.

A lot of field trips are coming up, Pathways and other activities are planned for the future.

NAEP testing is coming up

Dances are coming back in April and the end of the year, (dress up dance.)

Discussions are being held in teams about end of year activities and field trips both local and traveling

Cuttyhunk trip is planned for later this spring for all students

  • School Council: 

No comments or feedback were given. 

The next School Council meeting is : Monday, April 4, 202

  • Dates for future School Council Meetings (may be amended if necessary) 

Monday, May 2, 2022

Monday, June 6, 2022 

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.