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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 5-3-2021

Lawrence School Council Zoom Meetin

5.3.2021 5:00 - 5:34 p.m. 

Members in Attendance

Thomas Bushy, Principal/Chairperson Francine Daggett Tess Henderson Fotheringham, Parent Rep Rebecca Gonzalves, Parent Rep Carmela Mayeski, Teacher Rep John Neil, Parent Rep Abir Zaineh, Teacher Rep 


  • March 2021 minutes approved. 

Re - Entry: 80% of students are in the building. Tom reported all well. 2-4 students added to each room, approximately 150 students (total) re-entered in-person after April Vacation. Students appear more happy to have peers. Teachers appear more happy because some pressure has been alleviated. Wipes and sanitizer are being used significantly quicker. Some remote students are struggling with remote, but families are choosing to keep them home. 

COVID - 19 UPDATES: Contact tracing is still in effect: 2 student groups are quarantining per guidance (Nurse/Superintendent). Falmouth has been responding with "an abundance of caution,generally speaking, to maintain community/family/school 

Allocations:We have learned about a couple of new openings due to transfers within the district. It is sad to see some of our folks leave,Bushy. Approximately 3 positions filled with approximately 5 to be filled. Teachers v. Positions = We are not losing any. 

MCAS: Dates = 5.27.21 ELA, 6.3.21 Math, 6.10.21 Sci/Tech, we do not yet have a make up date due to district level decisions. State is not mandating 95% attendance this year. One day test this year, as opposed to two day tests as in the past. 

Extracurricular: Fitness club/group, mountain biking club, tennis, gardening club (Student Social Justice and Yearbook are still running). 

No Guff Week: Was successful and many enjoyed and provided feedback regarding Mike Super the Magician. Thank you PTO. School-wide shared experience and we were able to participate the week, regardless of COVID-19!!

End-of-the-year: A lot of things we were used to doing are not occurring this year (exams, Water Whizz, etc.). PTO will pay for summer reading books for 7th and 8th Graders. Still reviewing the Scavenger Hunt activity based on COVID-19 Guidelines (Beach day may allow for more of a school distance opportunity)

Next Steps: 

June 7, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. will be the next Lawrence School Council Zoom Meeting

  • Ideas for the end-of-the-year activities/celebrations (i.e. Field Day, Team Olympics)

Approximately $1500 from the PTO to cover the costs. Parent Reps would like to know what options we may have for the end-of-the-year celebration (DJ, Perry's Ice Cream Truck)