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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 3-1-2021

Lawrence School Council Zoom Meeting March 1, 2021 

Members in Attendance Thomas Bushy, Principal/Chairperson 

Jill Meserve, Parent Rep 

Rebecca Gonzales, Parent Rep 

Abir Zaineh, Teacher Rep 

Carmela Mayeski, Teacher Rep 

John Neil, Parent Rep 

Tess Henderson Fotheringham, Parent Rep 

Approved November Meeting Minutes 

Principal’s comments 

  • Lawrence School Updates- covid update 
  • ¼ of the school is fully remote- reviewing the numbers and working with guidance- the focus on bringing everyone in is on Elementary schools as of right now 
  • Staff Allocations- Not changing as of now - 3 retirements to fill at this time 
  • Goals Update- WHOI Partnership , School Safety, Cultural 


  • Lawrence School Updates 
  • Curriculum Night – March 15- for 6th grade parents/guardians (webinar) 
  • Black History Month- video and padlet created 
  • MCAS- no set dates yet, info to come 
  • School Council Comments 
  • Feedback from February 11 Budget Meeting 

School Council will meet again on May 3 and June 7 

Meeting Adjourned 5:45 pm