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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 11-2-2020

Lawrence School Council Zoom Meeting  November 2, 2020  

Members in Attendance  

Thomas Bushy, Principal/Chairperson, Jill Meserve, Parent Rep, Francine Daggett, Community Rep, Rebecca Gonzales, Parent Rep,  Abir Zaineh, Teacher Rep, Carmela Mayeski, Teacher Rep, John Neil, Parent Rep, Tess Henderson Fotheringham, Parent Rep 

Review Approved October Meeting Minutes  

Principal’s comments  

∙ Introduce School Council members  

o New secretary for Council meetings- please let Tom know if  interested  

∙ Review district goals from School Committee meeting 10/27/20)- Equity  through cultural proficiency, Partnership with Woods Hole, 3 Models for  Safety, Student engagement and Learning  

New groups surrounding equity are forming at school for staff and also a  student group-Racial Justice Alliance 

∙ Meet the Teacher Night - Went very well, suggestion of possibility of  splitting grades 7 and 8 times in future 

∙ Health Office Review COVID response practices- new nurse- things going  very well  

Lawrence School Updates  

∙ New Staff- DLI Teacher, Connect Teacher, Nurse, 8th Grade Engineering  Teacher (long term sub), New French Teacher, 4 new in house substitutes,  New BCBA consultant 

∙ Bull Dog Time  

∙ Update on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee  

School Council:  

∙ Role of Council  

o ∙ The  next School Council Meeting will be January 4, 2021 

Meeting Adjourned 6:00 pm